Monday, November 24, 2014

15 Years of Us

Today is mine and Terrell's 15th anniversary. 15 years ago today I was visiting Terrell before his family got ready to go out of town for Thanksgiving and we were watching TV and talking and "hanging out" before hanging out was called hanging out. Ha.

And something happened that day that had never happened before. Something that changed everything. For the better! He kissed me!! (Finally I might add!) And best friends became sweethearts. Young and in love and all dreamy-eyed. We were still best friends just like before but we were also smitten and head over heels for each other and knew God had brought us together for always. We knew then we'd get married one day. Such an amazing and exciting feeling!

And I was 16 and he was 18. Cuh-raaaazy! But true.

We were committed to each other from that point forward and shared lots of up and downs and challenges and wonderful, exciting, special, fun times and memories together. We grew up together. We experienced college together... separately... through a long distnace relationship. Twice. We started our careers together. We moved away together. We matured together. We faced everything new together.

From this...
To this....
To this...
High school, college, multiple jobs, 3 towns, 4 homes, 3 boys, and 15 years worth of memories later. God continues to bless our story day after day, year after year.
Happy 15th anniversary to my love. My best friend today just like all those years ago. I love sharing my everyday with you. Even the messy, crazy, not so fun ones! So thankful God gave me you and so excited to see our story continue to unfold. 15 years of us so far has been a blast!!
***If you have time on your hands and would like to read the details of how God brought us together and what the early years were like for us I wrote about it here and here. Part 1 and Part 2... to be continued of course. =)

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Brandi Swatts said...

Love this Meggie! Josh and I have been together since we were'll be 14 years later this month. Thankful to have grown up with and married my best friend!