Friday, November 7, 2014

Friday Favorites: Way Outnumbered

Terrell was out of town this week for work so I was pulling double duty... and even triple and quadruple duty. Whew. It was a whirlwind of a week! I had my 2 extra babies I keep here Monday through Wednesday, plus 2 out of 3 of my own children who are with me all day everyday, plus all 3 of my own children during non-school hours... so if you do the math for 3 days in a row there was a small window of time in which my house was overflowing with 5 children 5 and under. Is your head spinning? Because mine was. Gracious. 

Thankfully I had lots of help from my parents... my mom cooked for us Monday night, helped get the boys ready in the mornings and took Garrison to school and picked him up for me, plus my parents took the big boys to soccer practice for me on Tuesday night and helped with bathtime Then we arranged for Terrell's dad to take Austin to story time at the library on Tuesday and then out to lunch. It's not easy being surrounded by babies all the time so this was a fun little outing for him. Then Terrell's mom picked the big boys up for choir on Wednesday to help me out. I seriously would not have been able to make it without all the extra help I had. My mom definitely went above and beyond to make sure I got through the week. I am blessed, blessed, blessed!

So I had moments of being TOTALLY overwhelmed and moments of handling it all with grace and strength... I didn't photograph many moments this week (because the majority of them included me being overwhelmed), but here are the ones I made sure to capture...

*We put together Layton's new toy! This belongs to my sister-in-law and both of her girls used it and all of my boys have used it. It is always a big hit for my babies! This was the first time we put Layton in it so he was really checking things out. Now he gets in it and just jumps and bounces away. =)
*Monday morning Terrell took Garrison to school for me and then came home and spent some time with Austin playing card games before he got on the road. Austin loved having that extra time with daddy before his trip and I loved having daddy here with us for an extra hour or 2 on a Monday morning!

*This week Austin and I did some Halloween candy school activities while the babies took their morning naps. We did this fine motor candy corn craft (cutting, "scrunching", and gluing tissue paper) and then we ate some candy corn. =)

*Tuesday night while the big boys were at soccer Layton and I enjoyed another quiet evening together. Love extra quality time with my littlest!!

*Austin and I also did some Halloween candy math... counting, sorting, ordering, patterns, etc. Finishing the candy patterns I started was his favorite. Then he got to pick one to eat after we finished our school time. Of course. Yum!

*Thursday afternoon... Daddy's home! Daddy's home! DADDY'S HOME!!!! Oh how we missed him!! I'm not sure who was more excited to see him... me or the boys! Terrell Selph is loved and appreciated more than he knows!

This morning we woke up to a not so good surprise... at all. Our biggest boy woke up during the wee hours this morning sick. Yuck. Thankfully it seems it MAY be behind us. Today I'm hanging out at home with all 3 of my little men trying to keep our hands washed and everything sanitized so *hopefully* nobody else gets it. Here's to a fun and healthy weekend!

Happy Friday!!

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