Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Favorites: Normal is Good

We had a very normal, uneventful, laid back week. Woohoo! Yay for normal! Yay for being home in the evenings! Yay for daddy being home almost every single night with us! Yay for boring (or at least our wehave3boys version of boring)! Yay for this week!

Haha. It's been a good one. We are thankful the soccer season is over. We are thankful daddy got to be home with us lots this week. We are thankful the holiday season is here. We just had a really really normal, good week. And I think I loved every minute of it. Here are my faves...

*Last weekend we were finally able to celebrate my dad's birthday with him. Singing Happy Birthday and blowing out candles is always fun and exciting and a very big deal to my boys. We had a great time at Papa's party. =)

*We are soo thankful daddy got to spend almost every evening this week at home with us. My big boys took advantage of the good weather and daddy being home and got in some baseball practice.

*Austin and I were a little slack with school this week but the one thing we did do was really fun. We made a shape turkey together with our dot markers. An octogon and rhombus were introduced and we were able to make a really cute and colorful turkey. The biggest "educational" thing we did this week was read lots of Thanksgiving books. (Thank you 2nd grade teaching days for the good stash.) Speaking of Thanksgiving...I'm super thankful all my boys love to be read to. =)
*This little man turned 9 months old this week and recently decided to start sitting up lots. Yay Layton!
*First time ever in matching pjs! Cutest, most adorable, most precious matching brothers ever! Thanks Granna!!

*Rocking my littlest before naptime and bedtime has been some of the sweetest parts of my days. Oh how thankful I am to experience it daily. I don't take for granted the blessing of being home with my babies.

*The view from our front yard has been especially pretty this week. The leaves are finally starting to change here and it turns out life in the country (and the rental house) does have it's occasional benefits. =)

*Brothers racing hotwheels... for almost an hour straight... with no fighting or drama or issues. Yes! When they aren't fighting they really are best buds and THE best playmates. There is just about nothing more special than the bond and friendship between siblings.
*Favorite not pictured moments... Garrison wrapped up his soccer season last Saturday morning by scoring the first goal of the game and the last goal of the game/season. So fun! I loved watching him play.

*And spending time with my hubby this week hanging out, watching our favorite shows together, and making Christmas lists was just the best! He's been away a lot this Fall (and is leaving again next week) so all of our time together feels extra special.

Now we're looking forward to a pretty normal but fun weekend that kicks off tonight! Happy Friday!!

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