Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend Bliss

We had the best weekend. One of my favorites for sure. It wasn't the most exciting or the most fun-filled or the most glamorous ever, it was just good and happy and the most normal way. Kind of like all of last week. I loved it. Unfortunately it made Sunday night and Monday morning a little tough and emotional, but for now I'm working on a positive attitude and smiling at the memories made from this weekend.

I'll start with Friday afternoon. The kick-off to our weekend of bliss.

Friday afternoon I woke the littles up from naptime and we went straight to pick up Garrison from school. (Now that I'm keeping babies I only get to pick him up once or twice a week so it's something I really look forward to.) From school we went straight to my parents' house so I could drop off all 3 of the boys with Papa. (Brave Papa.) From there I went to my afternoon hair appointment and enjoyed myself very much. =) Then, I met Terrell at home and we got ready for our date night. Yay! Once Terrell knew I'd need a sitter Friday afternoon for my hair appointment he decided to ask me out on a date for Friday night. Oh how I love him! And living back in the hometown where date nights are more possible and more of a regular thing! We stayed local and went out too eat and then went grocery shopping. Ha! It's the little things. After that we picked up our babies from Granna and Papa's house where they enjoyed pizza, popcorn, and a movie. Such a fun night for the whole fam!

Saturday we slept as late as the boys would let us. SO nice. Then the big boys played together in their room most of the morning. SO nice again. Then we all took our time getting ready for a day of shopping. We mainly shopped for items to fill our shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child. It was hectic and crazy keeping up with 3 little men in multiple stores but so fun and special too. We ate out for lunch and were able to shop for a few things we needed also. And as soon as we got back home, the boys filled up their shoeboxes with the goodies we bought and we prayed for those special little boys who will receive them. One who is 3 just like Austin and one who is 5 and a half just like Garrison. =)
Saturday night we stayed home and Terrell grilled our supper... possibly our last time to grill this year since the temperatures are dropping and the days are so short. Brrrr. Then we got the boys in their cute matching Christmas pjs (thanks Granna!) and in the bed at a decent time so we could watch the UGA game. Of course we were thrilled with our win over the Tigers! It was a fun game to watch... til I fell asleep in the 3rd quarter. Ha. Terrell gave me the full recap Sunday morning.
Sunday was a lazy day... church (after all 3 boys slept late), take-out, naps for the whole fam, laundry, playing and getting along (such a blessing!), and breakfast for supper. It was a great day. Until I let the Sunday blues get me down. But hanging out with my hubby and watching one of our favorite shows together cheered me up.
It's the little things for sure. Brothers playing SO well together all weekend. A hair appointment. Going out to eat and buying groceries with my favorite person. Shopping craziness with my 4 guys. A great football game. The blessing of an amazing church home. Sunday afternoon naps. Watching a show with my hubby. These are the simple, little but big, things that made my weekend. I even teared up Saturday night totally out of the blue because I was overwhelmed at my blessings. My life. I am so grateful for God's grace and goodness.
This morning was hard. Garrison woke up crying and not wanting to go to school. (Break my heart.) I was disappointed I couldn't take him to school. Terrell had to go out of town again. I was still a little caught up in my pity party. It was just a Monday morning I guess. But, despite the blues trying to get me down, I'm grateful I'm home on this nasty day. I'm thankful my littles are here with me. I'm thankful for my job that allows me to be home. I'm thankful for help while Terrell is out of town. And I'm especially thankful for Terrell's good news today... he gets to come home a day earlier than expected! Yay!!! I am sooooo thankful for this!
After my weekend bliss and Sunday night/Monday morning blues, it's a happy Monday after all. =) 

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