Friday, November 1, 2013

Trick-or-Treat 2013

We had a great time trick-or-treating last night! Garrison was a total pro this year and loved every second and Austin only cried his eyes out immediately following having his costume put on. After that he was perfectly fine and had fun keeping up with Garrison. Success!!

Terrell got off work early so we could head to the hometown for a night of Halloween fun. My parents hosted a little get-together that was so festive! We had chili and hotdogs on Halloween plates plus festive, yummy desserts. Terrell's parents and Granny, along with my grandparents, sister and Frankie were all present.

The definition of adorable. =)

Freddie Freeman live and in person.
A cuddly lion minus the paws... he never did wear them. I tried to force it but decided to pick my battles.

Terrell had the brillant idea of them riding house to house in Garrison's jeep. It worked out perfect! Other than me getting a work out trying to keep up, it was the best thing ever. Granna and Nana came along with us while Papa, Pops, and the great-grandparents held down the fort and handed out candy back at the house.

My parents' street was quiet when we started but by the time we made our way all the way down and all the way back, we had plenty of candy and Garrison was ready to give some out... part of the reason we opted for traditional house-to-house trick-or-treating this year... we still had time to give out candy too. A win-win. The timing worked out great. We almost beat the dark and we got to see several other trick-or-treaters on our way back.

Garrison loved everything about this year's Halloween. By about the 3rd house, he was sprinting down drive-ways and having the time of his life. He even did a happy dance once or twice and declared Tootsie Roll! Tootsie Roll! Oh yeah!!! It was pretty hilarious. Apparently tootsie rolls are that exciting.

Austin just enjoyed riding in the jeep and getting candy in his bucket. He started tiring out about half-way through but was a total trooper. He never complained or cried or had costume drama once.

My heart...there it goes riding down the street in a little blue jeep. Precious.

We arrived home and got the boys in bed around 9ish last night. And I'm so thankful I took the day off today.

HUGE thanks to my parents for hosting Halloween and for Nana, Pops, Granny in Cartersville, Granny, and PawPaw for sharing our night of trick-or-treat fun with us.

That's a wrap. =)

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