Monday, November 25, 2013

The Great Purge

This weekend Terrell and I accomplished something huge. Something exhausting, yet rewarding. Something necessary and overdue. We accomplished The Great Purge. Yay for us!!

Terrell's parents kindly agreed to keep the kiddos for us all day on Saturday so we could get lots and lots accomplished. Two busy boys right up under us and in our way would have made for a much less productive day. Thanks Nana and Pops!

Based on our to-do list and order of priority, we started in Austin's room... which is now officially the nursery awaiting baby Layton's arrival. A huge weight off my shoulders and to-do list! Even though Austin has been sleeping in Garrison's big boy bed every night for weeks now, all of his clothes and things remained in his room/nursery. So the first thing we accomplished was to officially move him into his new room... now called the big boy room. We're trying really hard not to call it "Garrison's room" all the time because it belongs to them both now. It was a ton of work to go through every drawer and a closet full of clothes in the nursery but totally worth it in the end. We found a place for everything in the big boy room and have both sets of clothes organized and in their own little spaces... including a system for their clothes that hang in the closet.

We also stripped the bed and walls of the nursery to make it ready for a brand new baby and brand new nursery decor. We even raised the matress. I can't wait to see my sweet baby inside his bed!
After much work was accomplished in the nursery and the big boy room we purged some toys that the boys have out-grown or have just lost interest in. With Christmas coming soon it was perfect timing.
After moving on from the toys we tackled the boys' cabinet in the kitchen. I wish I would've taken a before picture of the sad state of this cabinet. It seriously hadn't been cleaned out or organized since it became the "bottle cabinet" for Garrison almost 5 years ago. Opening this cabinet up before Saturday afternoon may or may not have resulted in a sippy cup falling out in your face. Gracious. I threw away lots of sippy cups, bottles, pacis, etc. And now it looks like this... nice, neat, and organized.

Once we'd finished the cabinet we took a break to eat lunch and then got right back to work. In the office. A daunting task. We cleaned out our office closet plus desk drawers. It took forever. But we stayed focused on the mission and saw it through. And here's a big ole pile to prove it. (Not all of this came from the office... it came from a variety of rooms actually.) We are having a HUGE yard sale come Spring... because this pile was added to already large piles stored away for a future yard sale. Well, now it's coming soon and it's gonna be big. Mark your calendars. =)

We wrapped up around late afternoon and got ready to go meet our babies for supper. They were both happy to see us and worn out from a day full of fun with their grandparents. We were pretty worn out ourselves. Everybody in the Selph household went to bed early Saturday night.

Saturday was a lot of hard work (and my husband was even under the weather all weekend) but it was worth it. The only things left to do pre-yard sale would be our own closets and a few more kitchen cabinets. However, we are ready for baby Layton.

Sort of.

We've still got a lot to do to prepare his room for his arrival BUT he won't have to come home from the hospital to a room still semi-occupied by his big brother. The great purge was a success!

Now the boys and I are looking forward to a low-key Thanksgiving week. So far, so good if this morning is any indication of our week. =) Happy Monday!

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