Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Weekend to Remember

This past weekend was one to remember... so it must be documented. =)

The Selph family started the weekend by sleeping in! Terrell and I both were off on Friday and the boys let us sleep late. It was a wonderful, unexpected, welcomed surprise! Since the time change and them officially sharing a room, they hadn't been sleeping past 6:45... until Friday. Yay! Now we're thinking, hoping, and praying we're back on track to our babies sleeping past 7:00. While I had my nails and toes done Friday morning, Terrell and the boys hung out and loaded up for our weekend in Barnesville.

We arrived in town and got everything situated at Terrell's parents' house before heading to the church for the rehearsal. It was a fun, special, laid back evening. The boys were well behaved and we were thankful to have lots of help from family keeping up with them.

The Rehearsal Dinner went GREAT. The food was delicious. We shared conversation and laughs and fellowship with those closest to Anna and Frankie, and my children did really good! Towards the end of the dinner when it was well past their bedtime they started tiring out and letting us know... but thankfully Terrell's parents were able to leave a few minutes early with them so they could get to bed. I was so thankful for such a smooth night for all of us!

Saturday morning my mom, sister, and I all got our hair done together while my husband and sweet in-laws got my boys bathed and ready for the big day. We all went back to my parents' house for lunch so we could eat with the bride and then it was time to head back to Terrell's parents house for naptime for the boys and so Terrell and I could head to the church to get dressed and ready for pictures. Thanks to Nana and Pops for keeping the boys all afternoon and getting them ready for pictures!

Getting dressed for the wedding and doing all the pictures Saturday afternoon was such a fun part of the day. All the girls (including the bride!) were very relaxed. Once my boys arrived they just made things more light and fun... and interesting. Keeping up with them as they went back and forth between me, Terrell, and Nana and Pops was a little crazy but they absolutely melted my heart walking in all dressed up and so handsome... and happy to see me!

Once it was "go time" we all got a little nervous. The church was packed. Several couples came in late while we waited to enter the sanctuary. The spotlight was on. Whoa. Thankfully we made it through the ceremony without passing out. All of the bridesmaids felt faint or shaky at about the same time during the ceremony. So crazy! But we survived without incident. Praise the Lord!

Everything about the wedding ceremony went perfect and was so sweet. I know they will treasure their video. I can't wait to see it!

After the ceremony we made a few pictures before heading over to the reception. I don't have my hands on any pictures from the reception... yet. But I'm going to try to snatch them up at least by Thanksgiving. I loved the atmosphere and decor at the reception. It was elegant, romantic, and Fall. Just what Anna wanted. And their cakes were amazing! Plus my little men escorted me in. Precious.

The boys did great and made it through the entire night to see Anna and Frankie leave. I was so proud of how well they did and so thankful for all the help from my in-laws! We couldn't have performed our duties without them!!

Saturday night once we were back at my parents' house (where we decided to stay the night of the wedding) was CRAZY. I felt the day's events catching up with me and my boys were so wound up they were totally out of control at bedtime. They were silly and wild and just delirious. They finally gave up and went to bed around 11:00. A record for sure. Then Terrell and I stayed up talking to my parents well past midnight about all the wedding details and fun of the day. We just kept sharing stories... people we saw, our favorite parts of the day, people we talked to and what they said, what we were thinking during certain parts of the ceremony, and just memories from the day. I can't believe I stayed up so late after such a busy day. And then I couldn't go to sleep. Which made me understand how my boys felt at bedtime. Haha.

Sunday we slept in and packed up. (Unfortunately we didn't make it to church after our extremely late night.) We had reception food leftovers for lunch before coming home, unpacking, and resting.

God blessed us all with an amazing weekend to remember. Now I'm excited to talk to my sister about it all once she returns from her honeymoon!

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