Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Day Full of Christmas Fun

Since today was rainy, messy, and freezing cold I decided to plan a fun stay-at-home day for the boys. (And with 2 busy boys you'd better be prepared if you're going to attempt staying home all day long.) I'm happy to report that all in all our day was a success!

Last night, Terrell and I decorated the rest of the house that I hadn't yet gotten to so the boys woke up to a surprise of Christmas lights and their all time favorite Christmas decoration... a Christmas carousel that my grandparents gave me when I was a child. It spins around slowly with the horses moving up and down and everything, plus plays several Christmas carols. It is a HUGE hit every year.

After a special breakfast of chocolate chip muffins we got started with our day full of Christmas fun. To kick things off we put up and decorated the boys' tree! They loved every second.

This year we decided to do one tree since the nursery is currently bare and unoccupied and they share a room now anyway. It's a mix of Garrison's sports ornaments and Austin's transportation ornaments. A boy tree through and through.
It wasn't even 9:30 when we finished decorating their tree which meant the day was still young and mama had a ways to go, so I gave instructions for them to play together while I vacuumed and dusted the big boy room. Once they got tired of entertaining each other, I pulled out all of our Christmas books. All 95. Just kidding. But we do have a ton. Lots are the boys and lots are from my 2nd grade teaching days. This occupied them for a long stretch of morning. They are definitely my children. They absolutely love books.
Then, after a few spats broke out over books I decided it was time for my next scheduled activity... a Christmas movie and popcorn! We watched Frosty the Snowman... their choice, and Austin actually watched a lot of it. The popcorn definitely helped. Ha! Then Garrison requested to watch The Grinch. Since Austin was done by then we just played and read more Christmas books with a few breaks to check out the movie. 
After our movie time we finally changed out of pj's and actually left the house to grab lunch from Chick-Fil-A's drive-thru. Yum! It is a rare treat for us to eat lunch prepared by someone else during the week. But I thought it necessary since it's Thanksgiving break and we're all tired of eating similar lunches everyday. It was the right decision. =)
After lunch, naptime/quiet time, and snack time we moved on to our next "activity"... a Christmas craft! Sometimes I regret attempting these halfway through, but this one actually went really well. They made Christmas trees out of rectangles, largest to smallest. Garrison was able to order and complete his tree without any help. Plus he loves crafts so he was very cooperative and did great.
With Austin I just held up 2 rectangles/strips and let him tell me which one was taller and then I did all the gluing... with a little help.
Once they completed their trees they decorated with ribbon scraps for ornaments. The finished products turned out cute I thought.

We had a little more play time, a little more time piled up on the couch reading Christmas books, and a little more time coloring at the table before daddy got home. And once daddy got home, I knew I'd made it. Haha! It's tough staying home all day (even though we cheated and left to pick up lunch), but we had fun together, made memories, and got a great start to our Christmas season. Success indeed.

PS... I'm 28 weeks today! Tomorrow I have my doctor's appointment so hopefully I'll have an update ready to go before Thanksgiving.

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