Monday, November 4, 2013

Party Weekend

The highlights of our weekend were two important birthday parties... our niece Shannon and my dad, aka Papa. The boys had so much fun at both parties celebrating special family members.

Shannon's party was held at a Monkey Joe's and the boys had such a good time bouncing and climbing and sliding that they totally wore themselves out. They both fell asleep in the car on the way home, which is becoming a kind of rare thing so we knew they were tired. I think the birthday girl had a great time at her party.
And I had to share a picture of Shannon's  fairy cake... the ULTIMATE homemade cookie cake. My sister-in-law made it herself and is way more brave (and talented!) than me. It was delicious.  
After the party on Saturday we arrived home just in time to watch the UGA/FL game. Oh my the suspense. Will one of our teams please, pleeease get it together soon?? Ahhhh. We survived with a victory thank goodness!

Then we decided that Saturday night would be the night to try the big "move in" again. Things hadn't been going so great with that and then Austin got sick with a bad cold and was coughing a lot at night so we just put it on hold... til he got better and we decided it's now or never and that they have got to learn how to sleep in the same room because it's going to be REQUIRED come February. And since neither one of us really want to deal with bedtime issues with the big boys once our baby boy arrives, we had to get going on it and be prepared to stick it out.

We've survived 2 nights and things with bedtime are going pretty good. Austin cries when I leave him but then settles down and talks to Garrison and plays a little (in bed) before Terrell goes in once or twice and they stop talking and go to sleep. So no major issues so far... with bedtime. Wake-up times however haven't been so great. Part of it is due to the time change and part of it is due to them waking each other up. We are hoping and praying they continue to adjust to it until it becomes natural and easy and that they remember not to wake up their brother!

Yesterday afternoon we met my parents for a delicious birthday lunch for my dad and then went back to their house to celebrate with presents, cake, and ice cream. The boys were so wound up and had the best time. Garrison wanted to know when we were going to be able to spend the whole weekend. I think they've missed all our spend the night trips to B'ville. I personally am enjoying the day trips but a full weekend is coming soon.... Anna and Frankie's wedding will be here in less than 2 weeks!!

We had a fun weekend celebrating with Shannon and Papa and loved getting to see lots of family. Now we're preparing to start our Monday/school day with my children going on less sleep than I would like due to an early wake-up call of around 6:00. Pray for us please. The last time that happened was one of my toughest parenting days ever. Happy Monday... I hope!!

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