Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Happenings

We had another fun Halloween this year~ with 2 boys. =) Since we're stuck in the house a little more than we're used to, I decided to come up with some Halloween activities for Garrison last week. He played with his Halloween/Fall sensory box, decorated pumpkins with stickers, and played a matching game with Halloween stickers.

He even wore his North Pole Express shirt while we decorated pumpkins with stickers... and he continues to call Halloween "Christmastime" on a regular basis.

Then we made our 3rd Annual Batch of Oreo Spiders and he was way more involved this year, which made things really fun (and interesting) for me. We started by sorting the M&M's by color. He loved doing this part and it worked out great because when he decided what color eyes he wanted to use for the "spiders" all the colors were sorted and ready.

This little man was asleep in his car seat when we got started, so he just hung out and watched once he woke up.

Enjoying the finished product.

Over the weekend, we celebrated my dad's birthday and somehow I was too busy or too tired to get any pictures. The one below was the only one, and AnAn requested it. Otherwise I wouldn't have even thought about. Sad I know. I was SO sleep deprived going into the weekend I couldn't think straight. Then between keeping up with both of my boys and trying to enjoy some family time, pictures were just the last thing on my mind. I do have to mention that Garrison Cade very much enjoyed Papa's birthday. I think he told him Happy Birthday no less than 10 times on Sunday, plus he blew out all of his candles, ate lots of cake and ice cream, and opened up Papa's cards and presents. He loves celebrating birthdays. I hope he enjoys his own coming up in February as much as he's been enjoying everyone else's lately.

Such a sleepyhead... It's seriously a chore to keep him awake sometimes!

The boys and I spent the night with my parents on Sunday night so we could "do" Halloween with family and friends on Monday in the hometown. It's just way more fun with grandparents and people who know and love my babies than people we don't know that well. (We actually are good friends with a couple of our neighbors, but just smile and wave to everyone else. Haha!)

Anyway, Terrell got off work early and helped me get the boys ready for Trunk or Treat at our church. We were rushing around like crazy it seemed, but we did manage to get a few pictures before we left and a few pictures once we were there.

Garrison giving his best pirate face. (My cuddly lion from last year has outgrown the cutesy costumes, according to daddy at least)

I have to admit I did love him as a pirate.

And my youngest baby was a pumpkin. A chubby cheeked pumpkin. Even though the stores have hardly any choices for baby boys' costumes at Halloween, I thought my pumpkin was quite adorable.

While Garrison was really excited about Halloween, or as he sometimes called it- Christmastime, he was a tad overwhlemed once we got to the church and started making the rounds. At first we had to really work to get him to approach whoever was giving out candy. Then once he got sort of used to that, he wanted to pick his own candy out instead of letting them put it in his bucket for him. Oh my. Then he decided he didn't want to speak or be polite to everyone who was speaking to him. Finally he managed to start saying "Trick or Treat" and "Thank You". It was discouraging for me and Terrell, but everything turned out okay. I think a lot of his "mood" was the fact that he was overwhelmed with the HUGE crowd and he didn't really know how to Trick or Treat. Next year we will definitely be working on having better manners and some Trick or Treat etiquette.

This little man tried to sleep through his first Halloween

Nana and Austin

AnAn and Garrison

Even though I'm sad I didn't get any pictures of the 4 of us, (or of the the boys with their grandparents, since that who we spent the weekend and Halloween with), and even though Garrison wasn't as impressed and excited as we hoped he'd be, all in all we had a great Halloween and great weekend celebrating Papa's birthday! Thanks to my parents for all their help with the boys and for letting me get some extra sleep and thanks to Pops and Nana for baby-sitting Garrison during Austin's pictures and for helping us out with Trick-or-Treating!

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