Tuesday, November 8, 2011

2 Months Old

My youngest baby boy is 2 months old.... well, last Thursday was his actual birthday but we had his 2 month check-up today so now I'm officially ready to write about the happenings and stats of my sweet little man.

This month went by way slower for me and I'm thankful things weren't as crazy as the first month. I finally settled in as a mama of 2 boys and found a routine and groove being home with them both everyday. That's not to say I don't have rough days. Today is turning out to be pretty rough in fact. (That's another post for another day...) And I'm always behind on laundry and have days where I struggle with patience and feeling overwhelmed. BUT, we've finally found our new "normal" (I think) and have predictability back in our lives.... most of the time anyway.

Here's my baby at 2 months~

Garrison Cade at 2 months. It's easy to see that Austin is bigger than Garrison was at this age.

2 Months Stats & Happenings:

*You weigh 12 pounds, 11 ounces and are 23 inches long. You are in the 75th percentile for weight and the 50% percentile for length

*You are already outgrowing lots of your 0-3 months clothing so we're moving on to the 3 months and 3-6 months clothes. We're also getting ready to use size 2 diapers. You are a healthy, growing boy and we're so thankful!

*You eat every 3 hours during the day and lately you only wake up once during the night. We've even had a couple of nights that you've made it til 5:30. Woohoo!

*You still have reflux and spit up after almost every feeding, plus a couple of other random times during the day. I change your clothes usually 1-2 times a day and we go through burp cloths and bibs like nobody's business. Laundry is my new hobby!

*You moved to your room this month! (Right around the 6 week mark to be exact) We elevated your crib and it's made a huge difference in helping you keep down what you eat during the night. No more pack-n-play for you! We also put you in a sleep sack for bed instead of swaddling you. Your bedtime routine has become way easier since you moved to your room!

*You love to smile at us! It melts my heart every single time. I never get tired of seeing that sweet smiling face. You also try talking to us and it's so precious that I can't get enough of it!

*You still enjoy sitting in your bouncy seat while we eat supper every night and still like your paci. Occasionally you refuse to take it, but for the most part you really like it. It definitely helps you get sleepy and ready for naps or bedtime

*Garrison LOVES you and you're starting to notice him and look for him when he's talking to you or about to get in your face. Sometimes he gets in trouble because he's in your face too much trying to love on you and give you kisses. He tells you he loves you all the time. I'm so excited for ya'll to play together and be best friends one day!

Happy Birthday Austin Selph, we love you!!!

Here's the proud big brother who insisted on a picture with "Ausin's tiger"... he gets lions and tigers mixed up. Poor baby doesn't realize yet that there are NO tigers allowed in our house. =)

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