Monday, November 21, 2011

Our Weekend (Plus Random thoughts)

*We spent our 2nd weekend in a row in the hometown. We had a hair appointment for Garrison on Saturday morning with my cousin (technically my cousin's wife) who has given Garrison every single haircut he's ever had, plus a show for me on Saturday afternoon. Then on Sunday my parents kept the kiddos so Terrell and I could go Christmas shopping. So even though things can be hectic and crazy packing up the house and spending the weekend "living out of a suitcase", we love time with family and we love Christmas shopping... just the 2 of us.

*My little man is officially growing up. He sat in Emily's chair all by himself to get his hair cut. Yay! Normally he sits in mine or Terrell's lap (and he has been known to request AnAn or Granna's lap if they happen to be with us) and he does a good job, we just get hair all over us and Emily has to work around us, which can't be easy. The past couple of haircuts we've tried to get him to sit by himself but he would always back out. Until Saturday. He finally sat by himself while daddy stood close by handing over Fruit Jammers to distract him. (He's never had a meltdown over getting his hair cut, but since his 1st ever haircut came at 10 months old, having a snack close by is a must... or at least that's what he expects now.)

All done and very handsome if I do say so myself

*While I worked, Terrell and the boys hung out with Nana and Pops and had lunch, played, and watched the Georgia game together. Let me rephrase... Terrell mainly watched the game while Nana and Pops took care of the boys. Now, that's better.

*Terrell and I thoroughly enjoyed our time shopping together on Sunday afternoon. We especially enjoyed finishing a conversation and maneuvering through stores and people stroller-free. Ahh. Makes us wonder why we attempt shopping with our bundles of joy in the first place. Until we remember that our parents can't baby-sit every single time we need to leave the house for a little shopping. Although we have been spoiled lately... Terrell's parents came over on Thursday night so we could make a Toys R Us run and have supper together alone. We talked so much in the car and while we shopped that by the time we sat down to eat we were out of things to talk about. Haha!

*This week we're looking forward to pulling down our Christmas decorations from the attic and getting ready to head back to B'ville for Thanksgiving. Now, I never want to bypass Thanksgiving to get to Christmas. Thanksgiving has always been special to me because the tradition of a huge feast and big ole' family gathering is something my parents started at their house before I was born. So every year growing up, both sides of the family gathered at my parent's house to give thanks, spend the day together, and feast on the most delicious food ever. And I think it's so important to reflect on our blessings and take time to pause and just be thankful for all we've been given. Plus I love that my children get to experience the tradition as well. Having said that, the Christmas season is "the most wonderful time of the year". I love the Christmas season... and Thanksgiving sort of kicks it off for us. SO, we pull out decorations the week of, attend the Lighting of the Trees the day before, pick out our tree the day after, and decorate our tree and home and the weekend after. Whoa. In a word (or 3) things get crazy. But it's worth it because we then get to enjoy the season for a whole month and best of all experience it with our babies. Yay. Now I can't wait for Terrell to get home so we can get started on the madness. =)

*I attempted a great feat this morning. Seriously. I took both of the boys grocery shopping by myself. I'm sure some of you think this is no big deal, but I'm Type A and like things so so and planned out, so I was pretty nervous. But much to my surprise, things went really well. Garrison was very well behaved (he's always been a great grocery store baby/kid) and did great holding some groceries in his seat and Austin slept the whole time. So other than it taking forever to get them both out of the car and into the buggy (and vice versa when we were done), and having groceries spilling over the sides and almost onto the floor since a 2 year old and car seat took up all the space for groceries, things went pretty perfect.

Okay, I'm done with my updates, ramblings, weekend recap, etc. Now I'm off to wake up a certain 2 month old who can't nap for too long because it will make bedtime difficult... and taking down Fall stuff. =)

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