Thursday, October 27, 2011

What Garrison's Had to Say Lately

Before getting into the actual post, I thought I'd share a few pics of my guys from our visit to the park last Saturday morning.

Garrison has been cracking us up lately with the things he says. I know parents say this all the time and whenever I hear it I know the answer is typically them of course... but where does he get this stuff from? Ha! Sometimes it's obvious where it came from but sometimes I'm totally clueless. Anyway, I've been working really hard to keep up with his funny little comments and collecting them here for a blog post. I know most of these are probably "you had to be there" comments, but they are still priceless and funny to his mama, therefore they are blog worthy. So along with some background to help them make sense, here's what Garrison's had to say lately~

While Garrison was having his snack one afternoon and I was feeding Austin in the living room he walked over to me and said in a slow somewhat dramatic fashion, Mama, I haf a tell you somethin. A question. pause for emphasis... The wind is blowin. I immediately started cracking up and of course couldn't bring myself to correct him. The wind was most certainly blowing and he wanted to tell me, but in question form. I think.

A couple of week ago Terrell had an early morning meeting at the Social Circle branch of the bank and then later in that same week had a night meeting near Social Circle. So, after hearing about daddy having to go to Social Circle for work and spend a little more time away from us than normal, he tells Terrell, I wanna go to Social Circle when I get big. Bless his heart. Wherever daddy is, Garrison wants to be too.

On the way home from our shopping trip with my mom, Garrison was playing with my phone when out of the blue he says, Somebody gave me a text. We have never heard him say the word text before. Ever. So we were all laughing and then asked him what it said... Welcome to your promise. No idea where that one came from. Seriously, it makes no sense. Nonetheless, that's what it said mama.

When my mom came over before our shopping trip, Garrison showed her his Halloween costume. Then he asked, Granna, what you gon be for Christmastime? After we corrected him and while Granna was thinking over her answer, he says, What Papa gon be? I want him to be a giraffe. (Pause to ponder over what Granna should be) You be a elephant. If you can't tell, lately we've gotten into the Christmas spirit around our house (by singing Christmas carols at bedtime and watching Rudolph occasionally), hence the confusion. First funny. Then we laughed again when he decided Papa should be a giraffe and Granna should be an elephant!

The other night my dad called Terrell and as soon as the phone rang I said, "Is that my daddy?" (I knew it was him because of the timing of the call... he needed to vent following a tough Georgia Tech loss). So Terrell confirmed that it was and answered and started talking, all the while Garrison is taking it in. Finally he said, He talkin to your dad, mama? I told him he was... he was talking to Papa. Garrison got the most confused look on his face. Too funny. He didn't know Papa was his mama's dad! We laughed again... and tried to explain. Still don't know if he believes us.

The other day Garrison saw a Geico commercial for the first time and asked what the "thing" was. I told him it was a Gecko, kind of like a lizard. He responded by saying, Wizards don't walk mama, they jus crawl. And they don't talk. He's so smart. Guess he told me. =)

The other night we were saying prayers before bedtime... and normally he just listens to me and sometimes repeats what I've said or occasionally chimes in with something to pray for all on his own. Right in the middle of our prayer he said, And help Ausin not spit up on mama. So sweet.

Earlier this week Garrison and Austin got Halloween cards in the mail along with a little something for their "banks". Can you tell my babies are spoiled?? So when he called to say thank you Papa answered the phone... so he talked to him for a minute, then Granna, then AnAn, then he asked to speak to Granna again, and Papa... you get the idea. Finally he said, I want to talk to Emma. That's my parents' and sister's dog! It was pretty funny. He didn't want to leave anyone out. =)

This morning I was feeding Austin and Garrison came over and gave him a kiss on his arm. Have I mentioned lately how thankful I am that he loves his brother so much? Anyway, since I normally say something like, That was so sweet. You just loovve your little brother, I thought I'd change it up. So I said, Oh how sweet. Austin loovves Garrison so much! And not skipping a beat he says, Yeah. He shore does. Not modest at all. Love him and all his little sayings that keep us laughing.

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