Sunday, October 2, 2011

Highlights of Week 1

While my first week on my own was exhausting and at times a little crazy, everyone was fed, bathed, taken care of, and remained in one piece. So we'll call it a success.

Monday was overwhelming and even had moments of being chaotic, but the rest of the week went really good. I guess I just had to get my bearings and come up with a better system/plan for multi-tasking and juggling two. Thankfully Garrison was very cooperative and laid back about everything. We did have to work on him staying quiet and out of the room while I got Austin down for his naps and we did have to tweak Garrison's naptime a couple of days because of Austin being awake and fussy, but I got some great advice from a good friend and I think we're going to be just fine. (And can I just say I never realized how loud Garrison was until having another baby. He pretty much has two volume settings: sort of loud and really loud.)

Naptime for both boys turned out to be my biggest challenge everyday... other than Thursday when I needed to take Garrison to school but it was also time for Austin to be fed. There was just no getting around it. Based on his "early morning" feeding I could either try stretching out the next feeding to be over 3 hours, or be a little late getting Garrison to school. Austin decided for me, and we were late to school. It was crazy getting out the door and I think I got a workout, but we made it.

Somehow I also worked it out to go outside almost every afternoon with Garrison. A couple of days Austin went out with us too. We even tried to go for a walk one afternoon. I pushed Austin in the stroller while Garrison pushed his lawnmower. We only made it 2 houses down. You win some, you lose some. At least Garrison got to cut the grass and play in the backyard while Austin got to take a nap in the stroller.

He also discovered sticks this week while we were outside. They were a big hit.

A couple of "firsts" occurred too...

This little man took his first nap in his crib.

So far he is still sleeping in the pack n play in our room at night and for most of his naps during the day. But we are getting ready to move him to his own room so I thought it was time to try out a nap in his crib. He did great, the only problem is that we moved our glider to our room (something that's made things way easier on us during the night this time around) so we don't have a place to sit and hold/rock him in his nursery. Therefore it's really hard to get him sleepy and settled for a nap in his room. But like I said, we'll be moving him soon and the time will come for me to accept the long walks to his room during the middle of the night.

Another first for Austin came last night and absolutely shocked me. My not even 1 month old baby rolled over from his stomach to his back 2 times yesterday! We put him on his playmat for "tummy time" and after about 20 seconds he got frustrated and mad, pushed himself up on his arms, leaned over on his side, and then rolled all the way onto his back. I couldn't believe it! And after we moved him back on his stomach, he did it again! I kept asking Terrell "Does this count? Did he really just roll over? Was that his first time rolling over??" I don't know if it's normal or not, all I know is that he definitely rolled over twice without any assistance and it really makes me wonder if he'll do other stuff way early. Maybe it was just a "2 time" thing until he's 4-5 months old like most babies. Guess we'll just have to wait and see.

I have to write about one last thing from this week that I just don't want to forget. On Friday the boys and I made a couple of outings just to get out of the house and kill some time. I didn't have to get them out of the car once so it was nice and easy on mama. We picked up dry cleaning that morning and then rode around looking at bulldozers, dump trucks, diggers, etc. from all the road work going on around here. Garrison loved that. Then late Friday afternoon we went to Chick-Fil-A to pick up supper. On the way home, Garrison was talking in the backseat about his teeth. I honestly don't remember what he was talking about because I was only half-listening. Terrible I know. He just talks all. the. time. these days and loves asking questions. His favorite, "But why?" I hear that all day long. No matter what my response is to his question, he always follows it up with another "but why?". Anyway, he started asking questions about teeth. He asked if I had teeth and if daddy had teeth. Then he asked if Austin had teeth. When I told him no, not yet (something I'm pretty sure we've talked about before) he said, "Oh... "(insert pause for him to think a second) "We haf a buy him some?". I started laughing as soon as he said it. It was so funny because he was so sincere. When I told him no, he started asking why... and eventually, after 2 more "whys" he was satisfied that Austin would one day have teeth that grow in all by themselves because that's how God made us. =)

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