Tuesday, September 27, 2011

On My Own (1st Day Adventures)

Well this is my first week completely on my own with both boys. I prayed about this week (especially yesterday) all weekend and the Lord blessed me with patience, energy, and the ability to keep it together during some kind of crazy moments.

I had full intentions of making lots of pictures yesterday so I would have documentation and records of everything we did during my first day alone as a stay at home mom of 2.... but that didn't happen. Oh well. At least I managed to find the time to jot down a lot of what we did on paper.

Here's a peek into our day...

Our morning was crazy. I felt SO busy that I hardly had a minute to just sit down and catch my breath. Apparently Austin got accustomed to having mama all to himself. It's not that he wanted to be held constantly yesterday morning, he just couldn't go to sleep with the commotion of Garrison running around playing and being loud. (Which is really crazy considering we've had a hard time keeping him awake on most days.) So with Austin being awake off and on all morning things were crazy trying to make breakfast, feed Austin, hold Austin, clean up breakfast (and Garrison), change Austin, dress Garrison, take Garrison to potty while Austin fussed in his bouncy seat, play with Garrison, feed Austin again, etc. etc. Just craziness. But I have to say, Garrison Cade did great. I was very proud of how he played independently when I needed him to and how he became my little helper when I needed him to. (He loves helping so I already had a plan of things he could do to "help" while I fed Austin, and it worked out perfect.)

Here's a quick list of some of the crazy happenings of our morning:

*Austin tinkled all over his changing pad cover and the carpet in the middle of one of his diaper changes. You have got to be fast with boys! In the meantime, Garrison had been "grilling" us up a picnic to have in his room that just kept getting put off.

*Austin was fussy so he had to join us for the picnic... which was interesting, but worked out fine. (My date and master griller for the picnic is in the picture below. I can't even remember how I managed to have my camera with me.)

*Austin spit up in the pack-n-play, so after changing his onesie I put him in the swing to go clean it up. When I walked out, Garrison was pushing him away in the swing... a little faster than mama was comfortable with. I told him he had to do it nice and slow, but instead he decided he'd rather "work on" the swing. (Picture below) So he managed to take out some of the batteries. Wow. Lesson learned in leaving the two of them together alone. And I'm sure it will only get worse as they get older.

*At one point while I was trying to get Austin settled for a nap, Garrison came in the room with his bulldozer, pushing buttons and all. So much for a peaceful naptime for Austin.

*Austin didn't want to be put down for long once Garrison's naptime rolled around. Sooo I had to take Austin with me to put Garrison to bed and do the whole routine. I felt terrible because I could tell Garrison was sort of disappointed. In his words, "Why Ausin have to come in here wif us?". Broke my heart. I told Terrell (through tears) that I've got to figure out a better system for naptime.

Thankfully Terrell had to take a late lunch and got Austin settled so I could take a little nap myself. It made a huge difference! The afternoon went great. I got Garrison up and situated with his snack while I fed Austin. Then after Garrison went to the potty I got Austin settled so Garrison and I could go outside. Once we came back in we had some inside play time together before daddy got home. Yay for a good afternoon and for me surviving my first day on my own!

*Today has been really good. Garrison went to school and Austin followed his usual routine (the one he was getting the hang of when we had Granna or Nana here). I was able to rest, do laundry, get Garrison ready for his nap without Austin, and write this post off and on. Tomorrow is another full day with both boys so we'll see what adventures come with it!

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