Friday, September 23, 2011

2 Special Ladies

Terrell and I have both said more than once that this time around just seems easier. We're still busy and sleep-deprived, but overall things have been way more laid back and smooth sailing the second time around. I'm sure some of it has to do with the fact that we've done it all before and have some experience under our belts. I'm also positive that my way faster, way easier recovery has something to do with it. Plus Terrell being able to take off a whole week after we got home from the hospital made a huge difference for us. We felt like we really had a chance to settle in and catch our breath.

But I believe 2 extra special ladies have had just as much a part in our easy transition as all the things mentioned above. They are known around here as Granna and Nana. (My mom and Terrell's mom). I'm pretty sure their names over the past couple of weeks could be translated: Personal Assistants/Helpers/My Right Hand. =) They have been amazing and we have been spoiled. Not only did they prepare meals for us and do our laundry and other chores around the house, they also gave me the opportunity to rest, recover, take naps, and work out all my breastfeeding issues with Austin.

In addition to all these things, they kept my oldest little man happy, busy, entertained, and loved on. I'm grateful for all the ways they helped us out and all the many things they did for us, but most of all I'm grateful that Garrison had them here and could ease into the transition after Terrell went back to work. The little man has had lots of special play time and attention with them here and I think it's been great for him. He's been one happy little boy over the past week and a half, which makes his mama and daddy really happy too.

Thanks SO MUCH Granna and Nana!! We appreciate all of your help more than you know!

Granna holding Austin right after he was born

Nana holding Austin right after he was born

I think they both look amazing in these pictures after being up all. night. long. waiting on the little man to arrive!

***Next week I'll be venturing out on my own with 2 babies to take care of (3 if you count Bailey... who also has to be fed and taken to "potty" haha). While I am kind of nervous and a little intimidated, I'm also looking forward to it. I feel so blessed that I'm able to stay home and I want to try my best to enjoy every moment because I know it will go by so fast. I'm just praying that I do a good job of multi-tasking and handling being out-numbered, and that I view each day as an adventure. (Which I got a taste of this afternoon when Garrison woke up from his nap crying, Austin got semi-fussy from being tired and ready for his nap, and Bailey was scratching on the door and barking at me because she needed to go out. Let the fun begin!) Look for an update next week on how things are going... and pray for me too. =)

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