Monday, September 12, 2011

First Family Outing

We ventured out on our first outing as a family of 4 this morning. I'm happy to report that everything went great! We went right up the road to the grocery store and then stopped by Taco Bell for take-out before coming home for lunch. It was nice getting out and it was especially nice to get out with my whole family.

We left right after I finished feeding Austin and he slept the entire time. He was actually awake when we put him in the car but quickly fell asleep during the 2 minute ride. Once we got there we grabbed separate buggies and I pushed Austin while Terrell pushed Garrison. We had our list ready and shopped for groceries just like any other Monday (my grocery store day), except this time it was a family affair. Who knows when I'll be up for going on my own. Probably one day while Garrison is at school and I'm feeling brave. =)

Because I go to the same, small grocery store every Monday morning, lots of people who work there recognize us and know us. Garrison has become quite popular at the store. Some Mondays he actually leaves there with money in his hands for his piggy bank. Other Mondays the "meat man" is customizing all of my meat (even when I don't need or ask him to) and giving Garrison stickers that say "Pork Chops". Most Mondays we just talk and catch up with the same sweet ladies who regularly check us out and Garrison yells bye to all 3 of them as we exit the store. But this Monday was extra special because those same ladies got introduced to Austin, and Garrison was officially a big brother. It's nice to know they love my babies too and were so excited about our new arrival... and Garrison becoming a big brother. They paid lots of attention to him too instead of giving it all to Austin and I really appreciated that. I think our little trip to the grocery store was the perfect first family outing for the 4 of us. And I had to take just a few pictures. =)

Both boys in the backseat

My buggy:

Daddy's buggy:

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