Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cleaning Day

Garrison insisted on having his picture made with Bailey today. You might can imagine what a challenge that was. Here's the best I could do:

Now for the point of this post~ One of the things we really wanted to have done before Austin's arrival was a good top to bottom, deep cleaning of our house. Like all those things that rarely get done... baseboards, ceiling fans, blinds, deep cleaning of our bathrooms, etc. After having Garrison it felt like our house was completely neglected and messy until we finally found the time and energy to get around to cleaning it again. This time around we're way more prepared and wanted to have the house spic and span before bringing home our sweet newborn.

Now, I'm pretty much the cleaning lady/maid around here (it sort of comes with the job description), but I have to admit that I rarely deep clean. Terrell is great at deep cleaning when I need him to... we're expecting company or having a little get-together at our house. He's also always willing to help out when I ask (and he takes on the chores I hate like toilets and showers/tubs). I am really blessed. =) Overall though, housekeeping is mostly my thing and so far, with just having 1 child, I'm satisfied with my "clean routine." I dust and vaccuum on an as-needed basis pretty consistently and try to keep things picked up and orderly on most days. Of course there are days when the bed goes un-made, there are toys everywhere, Bailey has tracked in grass and trash from outside, and dust is piling up on all my furniture. But, I'd like to believe those days are rare. I'm sure they'll become more common once I'm taking care of 2 babies everyday! But I won't dwell on that too much because I might get overwhelmed...

Anyway, at this point in the pregnancy there wasn't much deep cleaning I could do, even if I did love it. Soo we made the decision to branch out, and today was a first for the Selph Household. We actually paid someone to come over and do the deep cleaning for us. It's kind of surprising when I think about it. As a stay-at-home mom and a family on a pretty tight budget, the thought never crossed my mind to have someone else clean for me. But it was my hubby's idea, and it turned out to be the best decision for this point in time and well worth the money for a one-time deep cleaning. Everything smells lovely now and I'm really glad we made the decision to go ahead and have it done. Now I just need to vacuum and dust the whole house one last time before delivering this baby. And make sure we're caught up on all our laundry. And put away Garrison's toys that he's outgrown to make room for Austin's swing, bouncy seat, and playmat. And transform our bedroom into a mini-nursery for those first few nights or even weeks. Okay, so there are quite a few more things to be done. But I have to say, the deep cleaning that took place today was a treat and blessing and makes me feel just a little closer to being ready.

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