Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Patriotic Little Man

This is kind of random, but since I don't want to forget, I decided I better write about it. Garrison Cade has become very patriotic lately. =) It is SO funny! I think it all started sometime this summer when he kept requesting a "new song" at bedtime. We always sing a few songs to him every night and he has always liked to sing them with us, but for some reason he got tired of the same old, same old I guess. Once he started asking for a "new song", we really had to rack our brains to come up with something. We already sang the typical church songs/hymns to him like Jesus Loves Me, The B-I-B-L-E, Amazing Grace, Jesus Loves the Little Children, He's Got the Whole World in His Hands, Count Your Blessings, etc. And we also did an occasional Itsy Bitsy Spider, Old McDonald Had a Farm, If You're Happy and You Know It, etc. Lately he's back to requesting a few of those, but earlier this summer he was very persistent each night, "Sing a new song. Garrsin want new song."

Sooo, a couple of the new songs I came up with this summer were God Bless America and Take Me Out to the Ballgame. Those were big hits and still are for the most part. Then Terrell came up with the Pledge of Allegiance (which isn't even a song, just something Terrell thought of when he couldn't think of anything else!) and The Star Spangled Banner. Those two became even bigger hits. Oh dear.

Now my child can officially sing God Bless America all by himself, the Star Spangled Banner (with about 75% accuracy even though he butchers lots of those big words), and he can recite the Pledge of Allegiance with almost 100% accuracy. It's crazy! His version of the Pledge of Alliegiance is: I pledge allegiance to the flag, United States Merica, one nation, unner God, indivisle, with litty and jusiss for all. He's only missing the line "And to the republic for which it stands". Whenever he requests one of these now, he sings every line with us or asks to sing it all by himself. It is so funny hearing our 2 year old sing these very patriotic, adult songs and occasionally bust out with the Pledge of Allegiance. Today at natptime before he fell asleep I could hear him singing our National Anthem quite loudly from his bed. It just made me shake my head and smile. When I really think about it, I'm amazed at his memory... and I do feel like the proud mom. Now I'm just hoping and praying that memory makes for good test taking and study skills in the future. =)

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