Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Another First...

Tee Ball! Yesterday Terrell had the day off so after Garrison woke up from his nap, Terrell put together his little tee ball stand and the boys went outside to play. Garrison was SO excited to finally get to play with this new "toy" he discovered in his closet and I think daddy was pretty excited himself. The first time father and son head out to the backyard to play baseball together... oh yeah, daddy was way excited. Terrell actually had to remove an entire piece of the tee because Garrison still isn't quite tall enough for it, but after that they were ready to play.

Daddy showing Garrison how to hold a bat

Getting ready to swing

Doing it all by himself!

He loved hitting the ball off the tee and was so funny because he kept hitting left-handed. Terrell tried to correct him a couple of times but he always went back to hitting left-handed. He still throws right-handed (which is the most important thing, according to Terrell) and he is only 2, so we just let him hit whichever way he wanted to. Is it possible he could be the exact opposite of daddy? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

After hitting the ball lots of times he decided he wanted daddy to hit the ball and he would run after it and bring it back. Then he decided to pitch to daddy. This occupied him for the longest time and he had so much fun throwing to daddy and chasing after the ball once daddy hit it. We decided he may want to be a pitcher. =)

Terrell had to get creative to hit some of Garrison's pitches...

Both boys had the best time and were worn out and pouring sweat once they came in. Thankfully it was really overcast outside so it wasn't too hot, but it was still muggy and humid. Garrison's feet were so flithy when he took off his flip flops that I walked him straight to the bathroom to wash them off before he left little dirty footprints all over the house.

Here's a picture of my hot and sweaty baseball players after a fun game of tee ball.

It makes me excited to think about 2 little boys and 1 big boy playing together in the backyard in a couple of years. And I've been so hormonal lately I could probably cry (happy tears) if I thought about it for too long. Gracious. Maybe by then we'll have a bigger backyard! Now that thought makes me smile!

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