Tuesday, August 9, 2011

First Day of School

Today was Garrison's first day of school for the brand new year. In some ways it seems like we've had a nice long summer and it's definitely time for him to start school again, but in other ways I'm left wondering where the summer went! We had open house on Friday and met his new teachers and got to see his room, and since then we've been trying to talk to him about going back to school and to help him understand he won't be in Ms. Brandi and Ms. Heather's class this year (that seemed to be the only thing he was confused about). He is going back to the same preschool this year, First Baptist, and will on the same schedule as last year (every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:00-1:00) but he's in the "Older 2's" class this time around. They actually have a curriculum and units they'll be working on every week and a little class schedule. It's a little more formal than his "learning through play" experience with school last year.

Here he is on the first day of school last year...

And here he is on the first day this year... he's really changed and grown a lot

He insisted on taking his little football in the car with him to school... hence the reason it made it in the pictures

View from the back

All ready for school!

Things worked out perfect today because Terrell had the day off and he was able to help with our morning routine and go with me to walk him in and pick him up. Garrison was such a big boy and went right into his room. Somehow we were the first ones there in his little classroom so that made him a little apprehensive, but once he discovered some toys and books he was good to go. Things got a little chaotic once all the other parents and kids arrived but the little man was so wrapped up in trucks and cars that he didn't really pay any attention to the commotion around him. At one point he even said, "mama, daddy go leave." Wow. If that doesn't say, I'm a big boy and don't need you hanging around, I don't know what does. But don't worry, I didn't let it hurt my feelings...probably mostly because 2 moms standing nearby overheard him and were very impressed. And you should know that I did hang around for a little while longer. Not getting rid of me that easy buddy.

I think I counted 11 kids in his class but I'm not positive. Just like last year the class is dominated by boys... 8 boys and 3 girls to be exact. I hope the teachers are ready!

The only thing that made me a little nervous and uneasy about leaving him this morning was the fact that one little girl had a really big meltdown/borderline panic attack when her grandmother left her. That upset at least one other little boy who started crying and so I kept wondering if Garrison was going to possibly get upset too. Apparently it was concerning me a lot more than him because he kept playing and going about his business like normal. I think he noticed the screaming and crying but he just didn't care or let it stop him from playing. Terrell kept telling me he was fine and we needed to go, so we gave bye hugs and kisses before I had to stand outside the window and watch him for just a few more minutes... plus I wanted to make sure the little girl calmed down and that 10 other 2 year olds in the room didn't decide to burst into tears. Finally Terrell convinced me he was fine and it was safe for us to leave. =)

When we picked him up he greeted us with a big smile and immediately started walking towards us. I was thrilled he was happy to see us. His teachers told us he had a good day and ate all of his lunch, etc. but he refused to go to the potty. He didn't have an accident all day he just wouldn't go to the potty at school. I tried to get him to go before we left so I could show him it was okay and so he could get acquainted with the new potty, but he immediately said no and that he didn't have to go. I think I'm going to try to make him go Thursday morning at school before I leave. Hopefully he'll cooperate and go and we won't have any issues with refusing to use the potty and possibly having accidents. I'd have to say that the first day went great overall and we're looking forward to an awesome school year.

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