Monday, August 15, 2011

Austin's Baby Shower

Yesterday afternoon a few of my sweetest cousins threw Austin and me a really fun, cute baby shower. We honestly didn't know if we would have a shower this time around being that we're having our 2nd baby boy... but man are we thankful. Showers are such a huge blessing and after going through all of our gifts and goodies last night we felt super blessed and grateful for our shower.

Some of the guests and gifts right after we arrived

Me with my photographer sister. =) Thanks for making all the pictures for me!

I loved all the decorations...

Getting ready to open presents

I have never been so happy to see diapers and wipes!

Austin's first monogrammed blanket

Austin's new diaper bag. I can't wait to use it!

So excited to put this sweet outfit on my little man

And this little hat!

Yay for more diapers!

Garrison got a piggy bank exactly like this right after he was born so we were thrilled to get one for Austin too

Lots and lots of blessings!!

I had a really fun time at the shower and Terrell and I loved going through all the gifts one by one last night after Garrison went to bed. We appreciated this shower so much. I think I'm starting to feel more and more ready to meet baby Austin... and dress him in cute outfits and use all of the things we have for him, including the diapers and wipes! I'm really starting to wonder if he might come early. The Braxton Hicks and sharp pains are occurring every day now, and occasionally giving me a little bit of a scare. As long as we make it to September, I'm ready when he is. As for now, time to get started on thank you notes!

Big, big thanks to Bobbi, Heather, and Mandi for such a great shower!!

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Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

Oh the diaper cake is too cute with the shoes on top!