Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Very Hungry 2 Year Old... Take 2

When I first wrote about my very hungry 2 year old, Garrison was showing signs of a growth spurt and eating tons. We literally couldn't keep him full. Lately though he's had days of eating a lot and asking for more and more and days where he's eating more "normal" portions and filling up faster. I'm sure a lot of our family is probably thinking his appetite has really slowed down because he definitely doesn't eat much at restaurants, or even away from home. But this boy loves to eat just about anything his mama cooks (except for peas and meat, unless it's tacos or spaghetti) and anything he can find in our pantry.

Last night the little man had a big and interesting meal. Terrell and I had roast from the crock pot, green beans, and mac and cheese. Garrison won't eat roast, so I fixed him a plate of green beans and mac and cheese, plus planned to give him some "fruit jello", grapes, and possibly seconds or thirds of the green beans and mac and cheese once he finished what was on his plate.

Well as soon as he saw his plate last night, he requested Spaghetti O's. He knew there were leftovers in the fridge from the day before. So I warmed up some of those and he ate everything on his plate including the bowl of spaghetti o's, and I think he asked for seconds of the mac and cheese. After eating all of that, he got to have his peaches in strawberry jello (a new thing he's really into). By that time Terrell and I were finishing up our plates and the little man noticed, so he asked for cake. (We've been eating leftover birthday cake from Terrell's party and sharing with Garrison of course... who is now a big lover of red velvet.) So everyone enjoyed a delicious piece of cake together to top off our meal and then got ready to clean up... or so we thought.

After finishing his "zert" (dessert) Garrison decided he still wasn't full. He was already covered in cake and the rest of his supper and all we wanted to do was to get him cleaned up, but he insisted "I want somethin else". Sooo, he first asked for raisins and gold fish. A regular request at our house after he supposedly finishes a meal. Then, he asked for another bowl of spaghetti o's. We know if he asks for it, he really wants it and is going to eat it, so Terrell fixed him another bowl of spaghtti o's. Sure enough, he ate every single thing he requested. And the evidence of everything he ate was all over him. He hasn't been that messy after a meal in a long time.

We were thinking about moving him out of the high chair into a booster seat in a big boy chair, aka, one of my dining room chairs (since we don't have an eat-in kitchen). After the mess last night, I'm not looking forward to that day. This child still requires major clean up after a lot of his meals. I'm thinking this very hungry 2 year old can stay in his high chair just a little longer. Goodness. I do find him pretty adorable covered in cake and spaghetti o's though. =)

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