Monday, August 1, 2011

Our Weekend

This weekend was a special but different weekend for us. A little while back we planned for Garrison to spend the night with Terrell's parents this Saturday night. They were ready for him to spend the night and it gave us a chance for one last date night and some alone time before we become a family of 4. Even though Garrison spent the night with my parents' back in June, I was still a little nervous about him spending the night away from home again. I'm blaming part of it on my personality and part of it on pregnancy hormones.

Anyway, we met Terrell's parents in Jackson (the mid-way point) and put Garrison's suitcase and bookbag in their car, then gave hugs and kisses and told Terrell's parents a few last minute things we thought of before telling the little man bye for the rest of the weekend. Of course we had talked to him about spending the night with Nana and Pops and explained that mama and daddy were going on a date... so he knew what was going on and seemed fine with it. He did have some questions leading up to Saturday about where Terrell and I were going and if we would pick him up and Nana and Pops', etc. Thankfully he didn't cry or seem sad when we told him bye. I probably couldn't have followed through if he did. I'm always telling Terrell he's the softie because he typically gives in too easily or feels sorry for Garrison really easy, but Saturday I was definitely the softie. I was even emotional when we got in the car to head back to Covington. I am definitely blaming that on hormones! I can't really explain where the tears came from. I think I was just nervous about him being away from home and worried we forgot to tell Terrell's parents something and worried that he would be homesick. Good grief. When will I get past all of that? It's crazy I know. My mom recently told me that once I have 3 kids running around I'll probably be fine with them spending the night off whenever. Haha! I'm sure she's right.

Thankfully I was fine by the time we got back to Covington and Terrell and I set about enjoying our weekend to ourselves. First we rented a couple of movies for Saturday night and Sunday afternoon, then did some things around the house (including making progress on the nursery!), then went out to lunch, then I took an afternoon nap! That night we went to Olive Garden for dinner and came home and watched a great movie. At first we had plans to go to the movies, but when we didn't see anything "playing" we really wanted to watch we just decided to rent a movie. It is SO rare that we get to watch movies these days (at home or the theater) that we were just thankful we could lay on the couch and watch a movie totally uninterrupted.

(We talked to Terrell's parents a few times throughout the day and Garrison did great at Nana and Pops house. Yay! It gives me way more peace of mind knowing he's enjoying himself and going about his normal routine without any trouble.)

Before our date at Olive Garden

Sunday morning we decided to stay in and sleep late. We knew it could be our last chance to sleep late for months and months so we decided to take advantage of the opportunity. Terrell went and picked up breakfast for us and we ate around 10:00. It felt good to be lazy. =) After breakfast we watched the other movie we rented and really enjoyed it too. Then we got back to work on some things from our to-do list. It was nice to be productive but to also be able to take our time and relax.

Finally around 5:15 we were ready to head back to Jackson to pick up the little man and have supper with Nana and Pops. We met at Taco Bell and ate together and heard all about Garrison's weekend and time with Nana and Pops. He did really good with bedtime, naptimes, going to the potty, eating, and even going to Sunday School! I was so happy to hear that everything went so well and that he had such a good time. Thanks to Nana and Pops for taking such good care of our baby and allowing us to have one last date before Austin arrives!

The little man was a little wound up when we got home but he finally settled down and went to bed. Here's the 3 of us sitting on his bed... Terrell is telling Garrison to say something (maybe "Go Dawgs", I can't remember) and he has the biggest smile I've ever seen him give. I love it.

*A side note just so I'll remember... He woke up about 10:40 crying really bad and rolling all over the bed and occasionally kicking his legs. It's happened before (the worst ever being in Florida when we were on vacation) and last night made the 4th time we think. Based on his "symptons": crying loudly and sometimes hysterically, moving all over the bed, not acknowledging us (almost like he's still asleep), calling for me but not acknowledging when I answer him, it taking him at least 15 minutes to calm down and snap out of it... we're thinking he's having "night terrors". We looked it up last night when his crying spell lasted a super long time. The only confusing thing is that it's typically caused by sleep deprivation. Garrison gets plenty of sleep, so that doesn't add up, but we are wondering if it had something to do with him spending the night away from home the night before because he had a similar "night terror" the night he was back at home after staying with my parents. It broke my heart last night and really scared me. For a minute there I thought Terrell was going to have to take over on his own because I wasn't handling it well. Thank goodness Terrell is always calm when it comes to Garrison.

From this point forward we're going to try to document everything... how long it last, if he can remember it in the morning, if his routine was really different that day, if he missed his nap, etc. We're also going to try to wait it out instead of "intervening". It's going to be really hard but that's what's recommended. I'm praying he doesn't have anymore, but if he does, hopefully we'll be more prepared. After he calmed down last night he was completely normal and acted fine. He drank a lot milk, went to the potty, and then I had to sing him a couple of songs. After all that he pretty much went right to sleep and slept all night.

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