Monday, October 10, 2011

Birthday Celebrations

My 28th birthday was Thursday the 6th and I enjoyed several birthday celebrations with family. My birthday week kicked off on last Sunday when my in-laws came over and took us out to eat. I am super blessed to have great in-laws who love me like their own! Garrison had a ball playing with Allison and seeing Nana and Pops and we enjoyed a delicious lunch together at a new Italian place Terrell and I have been wanting to try out. Austin did great and slept in his car seat the entire time. =)

Before we left for the restaurant we got creative and attempted a few pictures of all the cousins together. We knew Austin would have to be sitting in something and that Shannon would probably have a hard time standing in one spot, so this is what we came up with. In most of the pictures everyone is looking at a different camera/person but we got a couple of good ones and I think we'll always appreciate these pictures because it captures this point in time really well.

Even though I was sick on my actual birthday, Terrell and Garrison made sure my day was special. They sang Happy Birthday to me before breakfast and everything! Then while Garrison was at school, Austin decided to spit up on me and pee all over me. I think it was his way of wishing me a Happy Birthday! Terrell brought home Long Horn take-out for supper and then him and Garrison gave me the sweetest cards... and some shopping money! When the boys were asleep we watched TV and ate blizzards. Yum. This year was different because of having a 1 month old and not being able to go out or plan a date, but I loved my birthday and Terrell's hard work to make it special anyway.

Then on Saturday we made our first trip home to Barnesville. Other than packing up the house and feeling crammed in our car, the trip down went great! Austin was introduced to his great-grandparents and some cousins on Saturday. My parents grilled out at lunch and we loved having some time with them. We actually hadn't seen them in a few weeks and hadn't been to Barnesville in over a month!

Nanny & Austin

Granny & PawPaw with Austin

Austin with 2 of his cousins, Kelly & Meghan

Garrison had lots of fun playing with his cousins and the grown-ups had fun catching up and holding Austin (who by the way, slept all day long... literally). We were so nervous about a rough night because we just couldn't keep him awake. Garrison never slept this much as an infant.

After Garrison's nap and the great-grandparents and cousins left to go home, Garrison got to help Papa on the Little Debbie truck. He finally knows what's on the truck and that he can make a request and Papa will oblige. We're definitely in trouble. Then, after being Papa's helper on the back of the truck, a dream was realized. The little man got to go for a ride in Papa's Little Debbie truck. Whoa. It was a BIG deal and he was so happy and thrilled I think his little face probably hurt from smiling. Terrell ran outside to get some pictures before they rode around the neighborhood. I would have loved a video of his expression and conversation with Papa while he rode around. I'm sure it would have been priceless. He also discovered a Tootsie Roll in Papa's truck and had a mouth full of chocolate by the time his 5 minute ride was over. Oh dear.

We went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant for supper and came home to ice cream and cake and presents. My mom even got "crayon" candles for Garrison... who just couldn't resist the temptation to touch the cake while he waited.

While everyone sang to me... Garrison loved that part.

AnAn and Austin

Helping open mama's present

Lovin on AnAn

I had a fun birthday with my family and I think Garrison enjoyed everything as much as I did. And even though we were almost dreading the night with Austin, he did GREAT. He had a little trouble going to sleep after I fed him at 10:30, but after that he slept until almost 4:00. Who knew he could sleep so much!? That's the longest stretch of uninterrupted sleep I've had since Sept 1st, the day before going to the hospital!

Sunday morning we woke up and got ready for our first outing to church as a family of 4. Things were very crazy getting ready (mainly because of everything revolving around me feeding Austin) but thankfully my mom was there to help! We are always spoiled by famiy when we're home. I wonder if that will stop if we live there one day??

We managed a couple of family shots before leaving for church. Thanks Granna!

I had lots of fun celebrating my birthday this week! Our families really spoiled me and made me feel special with some of the sweetest cards! I'm so thankful I could celebrate with everyone and we're all so close. It's definitely a blessing and one of the best gifts every year.

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