Friday, October 21, 2011

Another 1st for Me & the Boys

I took both boys to Chick-fil-A all by myself yesterday! It only took me 6 weeks to attempt it, but I finally did and we survived! Garrison was on Fall Break from school so I decided to use his day off as an opportunity to get out and do something fun. He loves eating and playing at Chick-fil-A so he was thrilled! We had talked about it earlier in the week and when I brought it up yesterday morning and asked if he knew where we were going, he guessed "Barnville". It cracked me up. I love that he loves going to the hometown! He was just as happy about "Chicken Flay" though and we decided that if Barnesville had a "Chicken Flay" he'd definitely want to live there permanently!

We had a really good time and I definitely enjoyed being out of the house for a little while (even if it was somewhat exhausting going solo). The toughest part, other than getting us out the door, was getting both boys in and out of the car in a busy parking lot. After that, everything went great. Garrison enjoyed his fruit cup and had a ball running and climbing and sliding. One of his little classmates from school was there too. I remember the days when he would hardly do anything on the playground there. He used to sit and watch other kids for several minutes before he warmed up to the idea of actually participating in the fun. Now he's right in the middle of it! He even made a new friend named Emma who was 6. I couldn't believe he wasn't intimidated by her. I guess he really is growing up.... and it's time for me to accept it. =)

Austin enjoyed himself as well and took a nice little nap...

Our outing was almost perfect. Almost. Garrison had fun, Austin slept the whole time, Garrison listened when I said it was time to go, Austin didn't spit up. Things were totally drama free... until we got to the car. My poor little man (Garrison) was carrying a cup of ice water and quenching his thirst from playing hard, when somehow, some way half the cup of water spilt all over him. (Come to find out later, there was a little hole/snag in the cup that must have occured somewhere between Chick-Fil-A and our car) He was sitting in his car seat when it happened but wasn't strapped in yet, as I was getting Austin strapped in first. That's when I heard the gasping and him yelling at me that his water spilt and it was cold! Poor thing. He was pretty drenched. So I get him out of the car and quickly take off his shirt as the wind is whipping around us (can't imagine what the on-lookers thought), and I'm cold, so I know he's cold. Then I wrap him up in Austin's blanket (the first thought that came to mind). His car seat was also wet and cold so I used his jacket for him to sit on and unfortunately he just had to deal with his lap being wet and cold the whole way home. But at least he had Austin's thick warm blanket around him. It was crazy. My wonderful husband met me at the house to help out. After Garrison was stripped down and dressed again in warm, dry clothes all was well. Another first in the books. Never a dull moment around here...

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