Friday, October 7, 2011

Pictures from our Week

This week I finally made a conscious effort to take lots of random pictures. My goal is to have just as many (or at least close) pictures in an album for Austin as I do for Garrison. I have vowed to do just as much with photo albums and the baby book for Austin as I did with Garrison. We'll see if I can stick with it!

My littlest man asleep on Monday morning while Garrison and I had breakfast

After Austin's 1 month pic with the lion, Garrison wanted to hold him and have his picture made. Love much how my big boy loves his brother!

Waiting on mama to get ready one morning

Breakfast time for my oldest little man

Austin in his usual spot when we're eating

Garrison playing in his new Fall sensory box while Austin napped. He is loving this new "activity" and so am I!

Garrison played soccer outside with daddy for the first time this week (this was also the day I felt the worst.... hence the pajamas and flip flops. Poor child.)

Talking to and loving on Austin. He is a great big brother.

My growing baby who seems to get bigger everyday!

This week has had it's ups and downs with me being sick but I'm glad I took the time to make some pictures of my babies. Now we're looking forward to our first trip to Barnesville this weekend and celebrating my birthday with family.

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