Thursday, October 13, 2011

Birth Announcement (and other happenings...)

We were so excited to send out Austin's birth announcements last week... and we love how they turned out! Once again Megan did an amazing job for us!! If I'm remembering correctly this was her 5th "project" for us and everytime she exceeds my expectations. Thanks again Megan! This week has been good and crazy and tiring all at the same time. We'll start with the good. For one thing, my oldest little man has been the sweetest big brother ever. I am SO thankful for how well and how quickly he adjusted to having a little brother and how he's embraced just about everything that goes along with having a baby in the house. This week he started kissing Austin at random times, checking on him for me when I was in different room (and reporting on whether he was awake, asleep, upset, okay, or if he'd spit up), gently bouncing him in his bouncy seat if Austin got fussy, saying things like "I love my big brother" (he gets it mixed up sometimes and forgets that he's the big brother), and just being my little helper with his baby brother. Austin is definitely blessed with a big brother who loves him and looks after him. My heart has melted several times this week watching them together.

Switching gears now to the crazy and not so good.... Garrison hasn't exactly been the sweetest boy to mama and daddy this week. We have had some for sure terrible two espisodes and been tested lots lately. For some reason he's had a lot of trouble listening and obeying recently. And it's driving me crazy. Either he hears us and ignores what we said basically doing the opposite, or it just takes us telling/asking him 5 times before he obeys. So frustrating. We've decided that we've just got to be really consistent with him and work hard on "requiring" his obedience the first time we ask. Which is very time consuming by the way. I mean when I'm in the middle of making our lunch and Garrison is running around with a crayon (that's supposed to always stay with his paper and coloring books) and I tell him to go put it up and he just keeps running around chasing Bailey with it.... well it would be much easier to deal with that after I'm done making lunch (because he'll be more willing to cooperate since lunch is ready). But, I take a deep breath and stop what I'm doing to physically "intervene" and address the fact that he ignored me, plus discuss the reason he can't run around with a crayon.... which may or may not lead to a meltdown. Ahhhh. Talk about wearing on my patience. It's definitely been a challenge but one we're determined to stick with. I'm trying to remember that he's only 2 so my expectations should reflect that, but I'm also keeping in mind that if we don't nip this in the bud it's only going to get worse and we'll just regret it later. So we'll keep on keeping on even though it leads to meltdowns and time-out and not being able to go outside. Being a mama can be so hard.

Now on to the tiring part. Mr. Austin has had himself a couple of rough nights in a row this week and we are sleep deprived big time. The beginning of week was going great because he was sleeping til about 3:45 every morning. The past two nights I've been up and down with him. Part of it is him spitting up and needing to be changed which makes him wide awake. Part of it is him falling asleep and me coughing and waking him up. And the other part I'm not sure. Ha! The great thing about this time around is that I know it's temporary and one day we will actually get to sleep all night long. I remember with Garrison not being able to see that light at the end of the tunnel. But this time I know it's there. =) The other thing is that Garrison literally keeps me going and gives me energy. I don't have time to have a pity party over my lack of sleep or to even feel that sleepy during the day because I'm always busy and always have someone to keep me on my toes.

Another thing that's made me so, so tired was Terrell having his first night meeting with work last night. Being on my own during the day is one thing. It's something I'm used to now and feel comfortable with and up to everyday. On my own in the evenings (after being on my own all day), not so much. Supper, bedtime, and bath time are challenging with 2. Austin had a rough time while we were eating but slept through Garrison's bath and bedtime routine. So things weren't super crazy, it just exhausted me and completely drained me to do it all by myself going on very little sleep the night before. Single moms amaze me. Anyway, I think that recaps our week so now I'll share some pics of my 2 favorite boys~

Garrison has discovered that bouncing Austin's seat with his foot is not only fun, it makes him stop crying =)

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