Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oreo Spiders

Yesterday, Garrison and I made our 2nd annual batch of oreo spiders. Since I don't really bake (I leave that to my sister and mom), I'm always trying to think of fun, kid-friendly desserts/treats to make for different holidays. Last year, I decided our Halloween tradition would be oreo spiders. They are really easy and something my kiddos will hopefully love to make every year. All you need are oreos, stick pretzels, vanilla frosting, and M&Ms. You open the oreo and use the frosting to stick the pretzels on as legs and once you put the oreo back together the frosting is used to "glue" the M&Ms on as eyes. The picture below is of the little man last year while I made the spiders. =)

This year he helped me get everything out of the pantry and onto the counter and he got to stand on a stool beside me to help....translated: watch and eat.

After eating his first oreo of the day, he decided he'd like another. Sorry bud, one before lunch will have to do.

He pretty much stayed on the stool beside me and watched while I made the spiders and he enjoyed his oreo. Once I finished a full plate it was getting close to lunch time, so I thought I should stop there and clean up. This is what happened when the little man realized the oreos and chips (what he calls pretzels) were being put up....

Our spiders

After his nap every afternoon Garrison gets to have a small snack, and yesterday his snack was really special. He was the first to sample a spider and enjoyed lots of chocolate.

I think the oreo spiders were a hit! Hopefully next year he'll actually be able to help make them.

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