Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Birthday Celebration: Part 2 and Hilton Head Island

On my actual birthday, Terrell took me and the little man out to eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant in Covington and then we picked up ice cream on the way home for dessert. Once we got home, they gave me my cards and present and then we enjoyed our ice cream. I can't wait to go shopping with my gift cards and spending money! =) My birthday was very special and I really appreciate Terrell for making sure it wasn't just a normal Wednesday.

Fast forward to Friday... On Friday around 12:30 the 4 of us (including Bailey) left from Covington and my parents and sister, along with the puppy dogs left from Barnesville to go to Hilton Head Island for the weekend. We actually met up on the interstate in Macon and made a stop for gas and to let the puppies out before following each other the rest of the way. We got to Savannah a little before 5:00 and ate at Spanky's on River Street. It was Terrell's idea to stop in Savannah for an early dinner and it worked out perfect. It was a nice break in our trip and we got to eat right on River Street and enjoy Savannah for a little bit on our way to HHI. After supper, we drove about another hour and arrived at our townhouse/condo in Hilton Head. There was a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and kitchen downstairs and 2 bedrooms and bathrooms upstairs. Needless to say, the gate they left for us had to be put to use right away because Garrison was all about the stairs. We had to watch him really closely because if the gate wasn't up, he would take off up the stairs. The picture below was taken Friday while we got all of our things unloaded and situated.

We let Garrison stay up a little later than normal on Friday just so he could have some time to play and get adjusted to where we were staying. He loved running around the condo and helping unload the cooler and following all of us around. After his bath when it was time for him to go to bed (something I was honestly dreading because I assumed it would be a battle to get him to go to sleep on his own) he did perfect. I was completely amazed. I gave him his milk and read him 3 books and was about to sing a few songs to him before attempting to lay him down for the first time, when he said "night, night". Normally when he says this he means he's ready to lay down and go to sleep. So I went ahead and put him in the pack 'n play expecting him to cry or not want me to leave the room, but he was completely fine and slept the entire night. I guess the trip just wore him out.

Saturday morning we woke up and my mom cooked a big breakfast for us before we all got ready to go to the beach and then out to Harbour Town.

On the way to the beach, which was a short walk and across the street from where we stayed.

We all took our shoes off and walked along the beach and in the water some too. I had never been to the beach in October until this trip and it was really different, but neat. The beach was still beautiful and there were lots of people out under their umbrellas, but very few people were actually in the ocean. The water was really, really cold. Garrison had a ball and would have walked straight into the ocean and gotten soaking wet if we would've let him. He ran around at the edge of the water and all over the beach. He definitely wasn't interested in posing to have his picture made either. He wanted to run and play and didn't appreciate us interrupting him to try to make his picture. I'll be glad when he actually understands that it will only take 2 seconds for him to stop and smile for a picture. Until then I guess I should be thankful for the candid shots I get.

After we left the beach, we headed over to Harbour Town. I had always heard of Harbour Town being a neat place in Hilton Head and I'd seen pictures before so I knew it would be fun to visit there. It's right on the water with shops and restaurants and boats and yachts all around. While we were there we had lunch at the Waterfront Cafe and walked around and went in shops and showed Garrison the boats and water and even had ice cream. We spent the entire afternoon there and it was a really cool place. There were even condos there above some of the shops.

Garrison's favorite part about Harbour Town was the huge playground they had there. Terrell took him over to play on it while mama, Anna, and I were still in one of the shops. When we got finished we all went over to watch him play and he had the best time. He loves to slide. Terrell tried to get him to swing, but he didn't seem to like the swings too much so he stayed on the slides the whole time.
I love this picture of him sliding to Papa. His mouth is wide open!

The three of us on the playground.

We left Harbour Town late in the afternoon to go back to the condo to change clothes and get "cleaned up" and ready for supper. Since Harbour Town was just a few minutes from where we were staying and we found another restaurant we wanted to try there, we decided we would go back there for dinner.

We ate at Crazy Crab for supper/my birthday dinner and had a couple of funny moments happen with the little man. First of all right after we got there he seemed a little irritated in the high chair but for the most part he was quiet and not causing a scene or anything. Then, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he stands up (on the bar at his feet, not in the seat of the high chair) and just lets out this really loud scream/holler that lasted a good couple of seconds with this crazy mad look on his face. I think I just kind of froze for a second before attempting to make him stop and get him under control. It was the strangest, funniest, most embarrassing thing. It literally came out of the blue and we don't know why he did it. It was funny because it was so strange and dramatic, and he definitely got our attention, but at the same time it was really embarrassing. The scary part was that it sort of felt like the power shifted to him and I didn't have any control over him. Oh my. The worst feeling to have in public for sure! The double dating older couples sitting right beside us gave us a few shameful looks. After it happened and experiencing the "looks" from the next table over we were all fighting back laughter. You probably had to be there to really get it, but I definitley wanted to write about it so I wouldn't forget it. After his outburst he was fine.

The second funny moment we had was after he finished eating and went to sit with Granna. Typically our rule of thumb with the high chair at restaurants is that he has to stay in it even after he's done eating (unless he's really about to throw a fit or we absolutely cannot keep him quiet and content). We don't want to make a habit of him being able to get up immediately after he's finished eating because for years to come he'll have to wait on adults to finish eating/talking before he can get up at a restaurant. Anyway, we were all just about done when Garrison started getting ancy. When it appeared he was about to reach the breaking point, my mom got him and let him sit in her lap. Then he discovered an eaten corn on the cob and helped himself. He ate and ate and even got what he could off of his daddy's and AnAn's. It was hilarious. I guess next time there's no reason to cut the corn off for him because he's now a pro at eating corn on the cob like a big boy. =)

Rocking outside the Crazy Crab in Harbour Town where we had a fun, relaxing evening.

After we got back to the condo we gave the little man a bath and he went straight to bed again! It was amazing! Now, if he could just do this every time we're away from home. Then my parents gave me my birthday cake (that my dad and Terrell picked out) and my presents. It was really fun to celebrate at a new place with my family. We had a great time and I was spoiled by everyone. =)

Sunday morning we all ate breakfast at a place called Stack's. It was really good and we enjoyed being able to take our time (since we were only 4 hours from home) and have breakfast together before getting on the road. My sweet little man sitting outside the restaurant waving to us. Thanks to my parents for a GREAT trip and to them, Anna, Terrell, and Garrison for a wonderful birthday weekend!

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