Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fall Family Fun

Monday was Columbus Day, so Terrell had the day off (yay!) and the 3 of us went to "Corn Dawgs", the corn maze/pumpkin patch in Loganville. We had a really good time and we both agreed that Garrison is going to LOVE that place (or one like it) once he's a few years older. They had tons to do and we picked the perfect day to go. Normally they're only open Friday, Saturday, and Sundays but for Columbus Day they were open half a day and we really enjoyed being there without having to fight crowds.

Last year we went to Bert's Pumpkin Patch in Dawsonville before heading up to Suches to spend the night with my aunt and uncle. The little man was all bundled up last year the week before Halloween and only 8 months old.

This year, the weather was really nice and we were all a little over dressed. It was cool when we woke up so we all wore jeans, but by the time we got there it warmed up fast. The first thing we did was let Garrison get on the big tractor. That lasted about 2 minutes before he was ready to move on to something else.

The pictures below are of Garrison on a zip line swing. He didn't know what to think about it at first. His expression was so funny. Eventually he started enjoying it and smiling.

They had several different playgrounds/swings/slides there. He officially loves to slide and had fun playing on all the playgrounds.

After sliding, we headed over to ride the cow train. I actually rode with him and boy am I glad I did. It was one bumpy ride. I don't think the seat belt would have held him in. I was bouncing around so much on the itty bitty seat clearly made for kids that I kept a tight grip on Garrison. He laughed almost the entire ride. I think he was laughing at me making all kinds of noises while we bounced around.

After the cow train we walked over to the petting zoo. Garrison enjoyed watching the animals and even helped Terrell feed them.

After we left the animals we went over to the hayride. We didn't bring the stroller in with us, which I think was the right decision since it would have been a pretty rough ride for the little man and a really big hassle for us to deal with, BUT it did make things interesting when Garrison decided he didn't want to walk with mama and daddy, or wasn't ready to leave the animals, or didn't want to get on the hayride, etc. We never had to actually chase him down or anything, but we did have a few ultimatums given. Needless to say, the paci had to come out once or twice. Oh well. Avoiding meltdowns in public cause for desperate measures I guess.

Once the hayride started moving and he had his sippy cup of milk, all was well and he seemed to thoroughly enjoy the ride.

After the hayride, we were all getting a little sweaty and there wasn't much else for Garrison to try out, so we decided our last bit of fun would be picking out our pumpkin. They had a lot to choose from, but clearly the pumpkin patch at Corn Dawgs isn't the main attraction like the one at Bert's from last year. We let Garrison walk through and look and help us make our decision.

This is the one!

On our way out, we stopped and had Garrison's picture made at the entrance. He's so tiny beside the big "hay tractor". We couldn't believe he just stood there for us to make his picture. We're really looking forward to going back once Garrison can fully enjoy everything they have to offer. It was a really neat place and another fun fall memory for us. Now, we can't wait to let him help clean out the pumpkin for daddy to carve!

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