Thursday, July 28, 2016

Friday Favorites on Thursday: Last Week of Summer Edition

This week has been a challenging one. We've just experienced lots of ups and downs. The boys have been fighting and terrible one minute and perfect and best friends the next. Layton is having bedtime trouble and waking up too early, plus he's just going through a super high maintenance phase right now. Austin has been sick and not feeling or sleeping that great. We've been on an emotional roller coaster gearing up for back to school. It's just been a crazy week. But today is our last day of summer and we are hoping and planning for a great one! Despite the challenges of the week, we've had some fun, sweet, really great moments too.

Here are our faves...

*Last Friday morning we made our last trip to the library for the summer. I limited them to 2 books each and we participated in the guessing game and had a fun little trip. Austin even won the prize for the correct guess! We enjoyed the summer reading program. 

*Riding home from Papa's and Granna's in the front seat of daddy's truck Saturday night. The boys thought this was the best thing ever. =) #perksoflivinginthesameneighborhood 

*Our Bay-Bay girl is enjoying her new bed! Even if she did experience a major down-size. =)

*The boys and I made a Target run on Monday morning and then I surprised them with a trip to CFA for lunch and play time. The ride down (our Target is 40-45 minutes away) was terrible because the big boys LOST THEIR MINDS, but thankfully we salvaged our trip with good behavior and a good time. Phew.

*Last Summer Family Game Night! Hungry Hungry Hippo was a hit! We laughed a lot. =)

*Our final morning swim of the summer was pretty fun. These 3 have loved their pool time this month. We're looking forward to having our very own in the future!!

*A rare moment of late afternoon, post-nap/rest time calm. Ahhh. Mama savored it. =)

*The boys have enjoyed lots of table time coloring all summer but this week Layton has actually NOT drawn all over himself or put markers in his mouth and changed the color of his tongue or made a huge mess OR had to leave the table for time-out. Yay!!! This particular moment was captured while I was making supper. So thankful for sweet, peaceful moments while I'm cooking. We even listened to music together. It was the BEST. =)

*My favorite table-time coloring creations this week.... Garrison's Avengers!! Do you recognize them all? Top, left to right: Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Hawkeye. Bottom, left to right: Black Widow, Falcon, Thor. I just love them. 

*During rest time yesterday the boys and I read the Rainbow Fish (one of Austin's library books for the week) and then made our own. Crafting is messy and a lot of work... and I was definitely reminded of that yesterday, but I think they enjoyed making it and are loving seeing their fish on the fridge.

*My favorite photo-bomber. =)

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moments: A successful Open House!! Both boys are so excited to be at the same school this year and they both had great impressions of their teachers and classrooms. I'm covering this entire school year in lots of prayer and looking forward to all the boys will learn and experience in 2nd grade and PreK. 

*Also... my mom hosted our family and Anna's family last night after Open House and cooked a huge back to school feast for everyone! We enjoyed it so much and had the best time together.

Tomorrow is the 1st day of school! We're all loving a Friday first day. =) So that means today is our last day of summer and we're going to enjoy it to the fullest. We don't have anything big planned, just a little back to school fun. And this weekend we have absolutely nothing on the agenda! We're hoping for laziness, extra rest, lots of downtime, and some fun at home. Have a great weekend!!

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