Monday, July 18, 2016

Good Times

This weekend was full of good times and we enjoyed it lots. =)

Friday afternoon the boys begged to go outside. It's just been soooooo hot, unbearably HOT, that we haven't been outside much at all this summer. Boo. But on Friday I had a little project I was working on under the garage so I told them they could play under the garage or in the shaded part of the driveway while I was working. We were out maybe half an hour but they had the best time. Sidewalk chalk was a huge hit and Garrison wrote messages for our guests coming over the next day. =)

We got take-out for supper on Friday night and then the boys enjoyed movie night. Even Layton watched a little Tarzan.

Saturday morning we slept in past 7 and then the boys piled up in our room. The boys have never slept in our bed and once mama makes up the bed, no kiddos allowed on the bed... so this was a pretty rare happening and so sweet.  

All day Saturday was about housewarming prep! Such a great excuse to clean the house top to bottom!! HUGE thanks to my mom and sister who helped us pull off the last minute party. We had a great time celebrating The Garrison's first house and upcoming move. It's pretty special watching your baby cousin grow up. =)

Mid-party fun with my hat obsessed baby!

So excited for this sweet couple and their little family!

Saturday night we crashed and caught up on episodes of Duck Dynasty. The proposal episode... melt my heart! I just love that family. =)

Sunday morning we spent at church and as Terrell was helping me on the preschool hall he saw Layton on the playground in this hat.... Hahaha! He was also back in the pink visor when I picked him up just like last week. He loves hats!

Sunday afternoon once Layton was up from his nap we decided to head out for ice cream at DQ! It was a fun, yummy, and very messy outing. =)

Once we got home we changed everybody into bathing suits and Terrell told them they were going to play "sprinkler soccer". The big boys LOVED it! 

Layton wasn't a big fan, but as long as he stayed away from being sprayed he was fine. It's so crazy the way he loves the pool and ocean but reeally doesn't care for sprinklers. Haha.

It was a fun afternoon for the boys in the fam. Mama enjoyed watching from afar... in the air conditioning. =)

Once they wrapped up sprinkler soccer they all came in and went straight for the shower and bathtub before the boys enjoyed a later than usual breakfast supper. Their Sunday night thing. 

So thankful for my boys and the good times we enjoyed this weekend! 

**Just for memory's sake....This morning has been a little tough. Garrison and Austin are spending the next couple of days with their grandparents and cousins and Layton isn't old enough to participate in what they have planned, so he's stuck with me as an only child for a while. I'm emotional, the big boys were emotional, and Layton has just been a little confused with some tears off and on. Hopefully things will go smoothly and Layton won't be too lost without his big brothers. We're tackling school supply shopping today and hoping he enjoys some good quality time with mama and daddy for the next 2 days. How will my mama heart ever handle college?!? Gracious. We'll be counting down to Wednesday morning around here for sure but we're also going to try to make the most of our special time with our littlest man. Have a great Monday!

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