Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Weekend Recap

I don't think I've recapped a regular, non-holiday, summer weekend all summer long. So this weekend was it. I should've taken more pictures but we just didn't do all that much. Which was a pretty good thing. =)

We kicked off Friday morning with sweet brotherly love. Everyone was a little lazy and slow moving and we just had a super laid back morning.

Then we went swimming!! After a whole week of a swimming pool at their disposal while we were at the beach, these 3 were missing one something serious. And one of Terrell's sweet co-workers came to our rescue! When you live in a small town and don't have a pool of your own, swimming can be RARE. (So we can't wait to have our very own!) The boys had a great morning and we are all so thankful we can get in a few more swims before school starts back!

We've never been to a pool with a diving board so this was a big deal and turned out to be a huge hit for my biggest. Of course mama had to demonstrate first so he knew it was safe and all.... and it's been YEARS since I've jumped off a diving board. Hahaha. But after I survived it, Garrison Cade was ready! And he never looked back. =)

This one on the other hand, this sweet, cautious, safety-first middle man of mine, he wanted to try it out soooo bad... which is why he's wearing his frog... but after much contemplation he decided he'd better stick with jumping in from the side in the shallow... which is a pretty big deal for him. However, he has since declared that he is jumping off the diving board next time!

Garrison did all sorts of jumps and swam and swam. He's become pretty strong this summer and will definitely be ready for us to have our own pool next summer or the next. 

At Garrison's request we jumped off at the same time. #funmom 

And then Austin did all sorts of tricks for us like putting his whole hair under water. =)

Terrell brought home pizza for us Friday night and we enjoyed movie night afterwards. And Layton was sooo tired and ill Friday by about 6:30 (he fell asleep on the way home from the pool so he didn't nap Friday afternoon) we were able to put him to bed early (asleep by 7:03!!). Friday night turned out easy and lazy with everyone going to bed early. =)

Saturday morning we slept in until about 7:30ish when our little men woke us up and I made muffins for everybody before getting ready and heading to the grocery store solo. Normally I tackle grocery shopping during the week but last week I wasn't up for it. I had already managed to drag the boys around to take care of lots of errands and the grocery store was the last place I wanted to visit after all that fun. Ha.

We ate leftovers for lunch on Saturday and Layton napped and the big boys had rest time before Terrell's parents came over to pick them up and baby-sit for the rest of the afternoon and evening. Thanks Nana and Pops!! They went to park for a few minutes (it is soooo hot here it's almost unbearable in the afternoons), then they ate supper at McDonald's and played on the playground before going out for frozen yogurt and then coming home for baths and bedtime. I'm pretty sure they loved every second of their "date night". =)

Meanwhile Terrell and I did some shopping as we are trying like crazy to finish our bedroom makeover before we host a housewarming party Saturday. Thankfully we can see the finish line and we're almost there! Once we got past the shopping part, which can be stressful because COST FACTOR and INDECISIVENESS, our date was really good. We had a delicious meal together (on the same side of the booth...=) and we went out for fro-yo too.) It was a fun night! Dating my husband is my favorite.

Sunday morning we were back at church after 2 weeks away and my welcome back was crazy. Everyone, plus some visitors, decided to come back with me and I was running almost the whole hour. Overflowing with babies, overflowing with 2 year olds, overflowing with 4 and 5 year olds. Phew. It was a workout! And this picture might just say it all. This is what Layton looked like when I picked him up... no shoes with a pink visor on backwards. Hahaha! 

#thankfultobebackatchurch #thankfulwesurvived #weloveourchurch (If you look closely you can see Layton in the reflection of my sunglasses...he wouldn't come close enough for a selfie so he posed where he was except you can't see his cheese face. Haha!)

Sunday afternoon we met up with Terrell's side of the fam to eat supper and celebrate his Granny's 94th birthday! So thankful for her fun-loving spirit and good health at 94! 

We had a great time at "Granny's party" and enjoyed wrapping up our weekend with cousins. We enjoyed our regular summer weekend lots and we're soaking up our last few weeks before school starts back! Happy Tuesday!!

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