Thursday, July 7, 2016

St George Island, Days 5-7

Time to wrap up the recap with our last few days at SGI. So much fun, so many memories, such a great vacation. 


Good morning Wednesday!

We really were blessed with great weather almost all week long. Our views were beautiful and the ocean was perfect for every member of the family to enjoy almost every single day. 

My 3 ocean lovers with Papa and Granna. 

On Wednesday we took our big float with us to the beach and Garrison loved it. So then Layton had to give it a try. He was a fan too!

Layton was super moody and hard to please most of Wednesday morning so I didn't get many pictures until Wednesday afternoon. The boys swam while we made lunch and for just a few minutes after lunch but then we quickly got back to the beach. 

The big boys and Granna made a sand person!

Thankfully by then Layton was feeling better and happier and a lot more confident on the sand! 

We even took a little family walk... 

And then stopped for a selfie to document. =)

And by about 5:00 Wednesday afternoon this happened. Bless it.

We stayed out at the beach until after 6 I believe before heading back for some pool time. Then we enjoyed steaks and baked potatoes for supper. Wednesday was so fun.


Thursday morning we woke up to pouring rain and thunderstorms which thankfully we were somewhat prepared for. We took our time getting up and eating breakfast and starting the day... and then we gave our rainy day plans a try. 

The whole crew all loaded up and ready to go!

First, we decided to drive around the island just a little and scout out some potential places to stay next year. #Definitelyhooked 

Then we took the bridge to leave the island and right after getting off the bridge decided to check out the nature center/research reserve. Unfortunately at this point it was still raining pretty hard and we didn't have an umbrella and weren't sure how far we'd have to walk in the rain, so we decided to go out for lunch first. We drove 2 minutes up the road to the Red Pirate Family Grill and Oyster Bar and had a great experience. This is also the location of the only nearby putt putt golf course... which was just about under water due to all the rain. So we weren't able to play miniature golf this trip. But our lunch was delish and by the time we left it was only raining off and on. So back to the research reserve we went.

Ready to check out a cool new place!

Ummmm, this place was PERFECT for our crew. Full of ocean animals/exhibits and just super interesting and attention grabbing for them. And us too! We all really enjoyed it and the boys absolutely loved it.  

They had mini aquariums and open tanks with fish, turtles, sting rays, etc. They also had several "mounted" animals like an alligator, birds, a beaver, a raccoon. 

Plus they had an interactive room/exhibit where the kids could look at and touch tons of different shells and fossils of dolphins and whales and all sorts of neat stuff. They even got to sit on a big turtle. =) It was just a super cool place and I think Terrell and I both were soooo thankful we had something fun like this to do on a rainy day at the beach!! 

My parents let the boys pick out a stuffed animal from the little gift shop. A beaver, alligator, and bear are the newest members of our massive stuffed animal family. Haha. 

Once the rain stopped we walked along 2 of the nature trails and one of them led to a bay overlook that was really pretty. 

Once we got back in the car we took another huge tour of the island scoping out places to stay next year when the O'Mary fam joins us. We had a pretty fun outing and rainy day. Possibly our first ever given that rainy days at the beach with little ones is normally terrible. 

Terrell and the boys even got in some pool time Thursday afternoon before we went back out to eat. It rained just a little more but cleared up. We ate at Beach Pit and had another really great meal. Yum. 

And while we were out we couldn't pass up another opportunity to visit Aunt Ebby's. =)

Even though we would have preferred no rain, our rainy day still turned out pretty great. I know we wouldn't have visited the nature center otherwise and we may not have gone out to Beach Pit or Aunt Ebby's either. So thankful for huge rainy day success!!


Our last at the beach! Yay for such a wonderful vacation!!

The morning started off cloudy and rainy and it even rained on us a little at the beach for a few minutes and we all huddled under our umbrellas. I think Layton slept through our little beach shower. But for the most part we were able to stay out and enjoy our day just as if the weather had been sunny and beautiful.

 #Selphboys #theylovetodig #shovelingsandisthebest 

Of course more baseball games were played...

And the birds became huge fans of us and our snacks. =)

I think a couple of them wanted us to stay. And adopt them. 

We walked on the beach, played in the sand, collected at least 67 more seashells, enjoyed huge waves (Terrell and Garrison mainly), swam in the pool one last time, and stayed out as late as we could before calling it a wrap. 

For the Selph fam, this vacation was amazing. We still had some little meltdowns, still had a little fighting, still had some potty accidents, still got worn out from lugging our beach gear (and boys, haha) to and from the beach, but we honestly loved the whole week. Everything was so laid back and therefore way easier. Less plans, less to do, more down time, more relaxation (as much as is possible with 3 busy boys), and more fun. We savored and enjoyed it all. See you next year SGI!!

And of course we had to take a part of our new favorite island home with us. Or 500 parts. Hahaha. This isn't even all of the seashells collected over the week. Both sides of the sink are full AND we secretly disposed of some...

They filled up a bag full on Friday night after supper and baths and were super excited about their loot. =)

So thankful for our awesome vacation and so excited to go back next summer!! Saturday we had a good trip home and then we enjoyed our long weekend. 

And I think that's a wrap on the recap. =)

*HUGE thanks to Megan for all of her tips and recommendations! She was the very best tour guide  and perfect island expert and I know she helped make this vacation a big time favorite!!

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