Tuesday, July 5, 2016

St George Island, Days 1-2

So excited to recap what we are calling our BEST and FAVORITE family vacay ever!! We had such a great time and absolutely loved our destination and the change from our usual summer vacay norm. It really was the best! 

While we loooove going to the beach every summer this year we decided we were ready for a change... a slower pace, less traffic, less crowds, less stuff, and more beach. =) After spending our previous summer vacations in Panama City or somewhere nearby we were just tired of the hassle. So much traffic, such long waits at restaurants, so many plans, so much to fit in, so many crowds everywhere you went, exhausted mama and daddy, stretched to the max boys, lots of busyness, and tons of craziness. It was just too much. So we traded in all of that for a simple, laid back, relaxing, beach-filled, vacation. St. George Island to the rescue! It was soo different for us but so refreshing. And we aren't looking back! At least not anytime soon. =) We are officially in love and can't wait til next year!

Here's a recap of our first 2 days...


Saturday morning and ready to hit the road for a brand new summer vacay destination! We missed Frankie, AnAn, and Piper but are so looking forward to next year!!

The drive down went pretty smoothly. We stopped at CFA in Tifton, GA for lunch so the boys could play... and the playground was outside! Eeesh. It was hot but they still got in a little time on the playground while we waited on our food. All in all, the trip down was good. Thank you Jesus for traveling mercies and an uneventful time on the road.

Home for the week!

For the first time ever in our history of summer vacations, this year we had a private pool. #sospoiled #soinlove #thebestthingever #newrequirement Hahahaha! So immediately after getting unpacked we got changed and tested out our very own pool. 

The whole fam played and swam and hung out about half an hour or so before we were ready to go check out the beach.

Already collecting seashells...

Already sandy...

Already begging to get in the water...

We were there around 6:00 so there weren't many people still out. It was peaceful and beautiful. 

And our water lover finally got his wish. He loved the ocean.

Once we got back from the beach and ate some homemade BBQ my mom had made ahead of time for supper, we let the big boys go for another swim. Til almost 9:00! Mama was a record-breaking laid back all week long. =)

It was soo fun to go ahead and kick off the vacation with beach and pool time on day 1. We just made the most of every minute. First impression of SGI.... pretty awesome. It wasn't deserted like we were expecting, ha, but it only had one main road, no traffic, and just a slow and easy pace about it. So far, so good. =)


We woke up to a beautiful morning on Sunday. We ate a quick and simple breakfast and got everybody down to the beach. Oh my gorgeous views. It was sooo pretty. And the ocean was practically still it was so calm. I grabbed my real camera and got some pictures before running it back to the safety of the house. 

All my guys

Family shot!

Pretty much every single day the water was different. It was more calm than not so that was perfect for the boys but Sunday was the only day it was still like this. We also saw dolphins swim past every single day. Some even swam really close to shore. Like close enough to touch for those in the ocean a ways. So cool! It became a favorite for all of us to see them swimming by everyday.

All 3 boys had an amazing time. We unplugged... literally no Facebook for mama for the whole week, and we only pulled out the iPad like twice. Once out of desperation (daddy's decision, haha) and once on our only rainy day. We focused on our time together and just hanging out at the beach and pool. It was the best.

The crabs were pretty prevalent. They creeped me out a little but they were pretty neat to watch... as long as they kept their distance. Ha.

All wrapped up and ready to head inside for lunch. =)

We ate lunch everyday on the screened in porch, which was perfect since we were all wet, and then we were able to go straight to the pool afterwards. Most days the boys would swim in the pool, with a grown-up of course, while we made sandwiches and got lunch ready. The pool was just icing on the cake. 

Pool time with my bigs while daddy got Layton down for a nap. His one and only "formal" nap of the entire trip because LAID BACK MAMA. =)

After a couple of hours at the pool while Layton got in a nap, the Selph 5 were ready to head back to the beach where Granna and Papa were waiting for us.

Seashell sand castle constructed by the big boys and Granna! Approximately 463 seashells were found on our trip. Haha. They were possibly the biggest highlight of our vacation for Garrison and Austin. =)

We stayed out at the beach late on Sunday... like past our supper time. So by the time we got everyone and everything back to the house and showered/bathed and finally put in our take-out order of pizza.... the wait time was an hour and a half. Soooo, that plan didn't work out. But, LAID BACK, so we just let the boys choose something from the house (they chose cereal and grits like a typical Sunday night at home) and the grown-ups decided on hot dogs. Not as good as pizza but not bad either. =)

We had a great start to our week and I think we were all slowly but surely falling in love. It was just different from the start. In a really good way. 

Tomorrow I hope to have another recap ready to go. Happy July 5th and short work week!

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