Friday, June 24, 2016

Friday Favorites: Before the Beach Edition


Yay for Friday!! Phew. While things have slowed down just a little this week, we're still not quite 100% around here and we haven't been sleeping as much as we'd like. Our baby boy has had a tough time of it and mama and daddy are in slow motion. But we made it to Friday and we're almost all well (thanks to the very best NP ever!) and it's almost beach time! 

Here's a look at our faves from our week before the beach...

*Monday morning we slept late and enjoyed NO swim lessons and NO schedule!!! Wooohooo!! Instead we had a lazy morning at home before making our weekly visit to the library. The boys loooove going and always want ALL THE BOOKS. I end up having to cut them off and leaving the library with my arms full and overflowing and boys crazy excited and don't forget loud and we make a big ole scene of fun. Ha. A good problem to have I guess. =)

*Monday afternoon these 3 crashed after playing hard together and when Garrison realized Layton had joined them on the floor with a pillow he told me to hurry and take a picture. =)

*Our summer field trip was definitely a favorite!

*We actually managed some outside time this week that wasn't unbearable. Yay for temps below 95! Ha!

*My mom and I took the boys swimming this week! Garrison loved every second, Austin got in some pretty good swim practice, and Layton just enjoyed himself. We're looking forward to lots of swim time next week!

*Our front yard is shaded in the afternoons so the boys have been taking advantage of the shade and playing baseball together with Layton's plastic bat and ball.  

*I love the way they're able to throw and pitch to each other now. Even Layton gets in some game time with a little help. =)

*Family Game Night with a twist! They had to choose a game we'd never played before for game night (in other words a game we hadn't played in a reeeally long time). This was so fun! They each chose a game and we loved changing things up and doing something a little different. Hungry, Hungry Hippo was Austin's choice...

*And Garrison chose Who Shook Hook? We all enjoyed the twist. So I may have to think of other twists to throw every now and then. (By the way... the new thing this summer is sleeping in underwear. Haha)

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: Layton has decided to start giving me bedtime kisses every night before I leave his room and it is the SWEETEST. Oh how he melts me when he grabs my face and kisses each of my cheeks. Then he always wants to kiss each of my arms or hands and after each kiss he flashes me the biggest, most adorable smile. Oh my heart!! #swoon

*Favorite Read of the Week: Violence Toward LGBTQ: A Pastor's Reflection. If you have a few minutes this is a powerful and convicting read. Wow, wow, wow. In our home we have a sign hanging in our living room with John 13:34 written on it... Love one another as I have loved you. I love this verse because the reminder is so BIG. I want to love my family as Jesus has loved me. And I want this reminder in my home for all of us. But I also want to love others, others outside of my home and my family, the way Jesus has loved me. That is how others know we are His disciples. Our love. I was so moved by reading this and had to share.

We are preparing now for our week at the beach and can't wait to experience new memories and lots of down time. This week we're hoping to unplug and really be present right where we are. Less technology, less distraction, less busyness. We're planning for a slower pace and more laid back time than ever. I'll still make tons of pictures, but other than that, I'm putting my phone away and just enjoying life at the beach and time with my boys. I'll recap our trip sometime after the 4th. =) Have a wonderful weekend and a great week!!

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