Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday Favorites: Summer Camp Edition

So this summer we participated in our first ever "summer camps". Austin's is technically just swim lessons but they've felt like a camp because they've happened during Garrison's baseball camp this week. Both boys have had a great time! 

It should be noted that we aren't big summer camp people around here so this was a bit of a step out of our comfort zones. Especially mine. The biggest reasons we aren't huge summer camp supporters are money (can you say expensive?), not wanting to be busy (we're super busy during the school year and we want the summer off!), a preference for lazy summer days at home (because we're ready for a break!), and a preference for keeping the boys together during the summer (because they're apart during the day during the school year). 

So. We've always declined. Until this summer. This summer we took the plunge, sort of... and we hit the jackpot! Garrison participated in an inexpensive baseball camp Monday-Wednesday of this week offered by our high school head baseball coach and his players, and Austin is participating in inexpensive swim lessons offered by our local college. Have I mentioned how much I love our small town? Both "camps" have been so fun and perfect for our big boys. Not too much, not too long, not too crazy. Haha. And once we wrap up Austin's swim lessons, we're wrapping up our summer camp experience for the year. Short and sweet and tons of fun. 

Here's a peek at our faves from the week...

*Successful first day of baseball camp! He was pretty nervous and apprehensive at first (and my mama heart just wanted to swoop in and tell him he didn't have to go if he didn't want to)... but I toughed it out and so did he and he LOVED it! He learned so much and had the best experience. We will definitely be doing it again next year if it's offered. 

*Austin did great on his first day of swimming! He was really nervous too and honestly didn't want to do lessons at all, but this was a safety requirement for us. We need him to learn and to become lots more comfortable in the water. And so far he's doing really well!

*We also managed to sign up for the Summer Reading Program at our library this week. The theme is sports. How perfect! Layton was flipping out over all of the decorations and balls everywhere. He couldn't contain his excitement he was so thrilled. Hopefully we aren't banned from the library this summer due to LOUDNESS. 

*Day 2 of swim lessons!

 *For the most part Layton has been very patient while Austin swims. But we do have to walk around a little and get creative every once in a while to keep baby brother entertained (and from jumping right in the pool, sigh). On Tuesday he spotted a tractor on campus and was set. #lovelanguage 

*Wrap-up of day 2 of baseball camp!

*The big boys have been playing with their remote control motorcycles this week and Layton is smitten. I overheard him talking to one of the motorcycles the other day. Potty? Tee tee? No. Poo poo? No. Okay. Hahahaha! I laughed out loud. Clearly he gets asked these things 50 times a day. =)

*During the last hour of the last day of baseball camp the boys got to change into their swim suits and practice sliding. So fun! Garrison loved it. 

*This picture is of Garrison going in for a feet first slide...

*This one is head first... They were supposed to hold onto the base and everything. He had such a great experience with his first ever "camp". YAY!!

*Reading time with my big boys everyday is still a favorite. =)

*Summer fun! Wednesday afternoon the boys wanted to play outside so we beat the heat with popsicles...and by staying in the shade as much as possible! Mama sat under the garage while the boys played under the garage or in and around the driveway.

*This week the big boys were introduced to Terrell's baseball collection. A very, very small portion of it. (You don't even want to know how many boxes we have in our attic FULL of baseball cards.) Terrell made this picture of them sorting through cards while I was putting Layton to bed. #loveatfirstsight

*Once I came in, selections had been made and they were SO proud. They love the pictures on the cards, especially the action shots, and they're also learning more about the teams and stats. Of course the cards are old and dated but I think this may be a new obsession. =)

*Last day of swimming for the week was a success! One week to go before we call it a wrap and get to practicing!

*Handsome boys with brand new haircuts are my fave. Love them so!!

We dropped off our babies with my parents on yesterday and this morning we're off bright and early for our anniversary trip to the beach! Praying for a safe trip, a wonderful time away together, and a great time for the boys with Granna and Papa. Happy Friday, Happy Weekend!

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