Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Anniversary Trip 2016

Terrell and I are home from a wonderful weekend away to celebrate our 11th anniversary. We had the best time together! It was one of our very favorite get-aways!! HUGE thanks to my parents for keeping the boys (and Bailey!) and giving them such a fun and special summer weekend that they look forward to so much!!

*The recap that follows is an explosion of selfies. My apologies in advance.

We dropped the boys off on Thursday evening so we could get a really early start to our weekend on Friday. We enjoyed a date night Thursday night and finished packing and cleaning the house before getting on the road bright and early Friday morning for Panama City Beach. 

Terrell listened to "his music" the whole way down (we are such opposites, haha) while I read. I finally finished this book and it's a good one! Super light and fun with a sweet romance thrown in too. 

As Terrell and I made our way to the beach and the start of our weekend, our babies kicked things off with breakfast at Waffle House with Granna, Piper, and AnAn. =) We are so blessed to have such wonderful family members to take care of our babies so we can enjoy our once a year trip. 

We made great time and were able to eat a quick lunch before making our way to the hotel (thankful for our FREE stay thanks to our crazy experience last year!!). After getting changed we went straight to the beach! 

Friday afternoon was so fun. It was the perfect start to our trip. We people watched, swam in the ocean, sat and relaxed, talked, read (me), and then did the same things again. It was just wonderful. We hadn't been to the beach alone in years and years so it was just SO nice. I treasured every single minute.

An ocean view is just the best!

 I started another good book!

We spent the entire afternoon at the beach before heading back to the hotel to get ready to go out to eat. We decided on Pineapple Willy's since we hadn't been in years and we had a really good time. It's definitely overrated given how long you have to wait and how mediocre the food is, ha, but sharing the evening with my favorite guy made it awesome. 

Saturday morning we slept late and then got ready to go back to the beach. If it wasn't official before, it's now officially official. We are beach people. Through and through. I don't want to live at the beach (because then it wouldn't be a vacation) but the beach is for us. It's our most favorite place to visit, our most favorite way to vacation. Some people like exploring, sight seeing, excursions, "traveling", we just like the beach. We like the feel of the sand, the sound of the waves, the beauty all around, and the opportunity to relax. There's nothing like it. 

We decided to eat breakfast at Chick-Fil-A (it was a drive-thru so we ate outside) so we could skip lunch and just snack if we got hungry. It worked out perfect and turned out to be the right decision!

Good morning to us!

The birds hung out around us quite a bit and I thought of my animal lover Garrison every time they landed close to us. =)

Saturday was the best. So relaxing, so fun, so perfect. We even held hands and prayed on the beach together. Right there in our beach chairs. It was such a sweet and special moment. 

We left the beach late Saturday afternoon and got ready for our anniversary date. I love celebrating our anniversary with a fancy night out every single year no matter where we are and this year's date was one of my favorites!! We went to Saltwater Grill (a restaurant we knew of but had never been to) and it was amazing. Exactly what we were hoping for. Great atmosphere, delicious food, awesome service, the works. We had an amazing date night! They even sat us at a small corner table right near the piano. Romantic and perfect. =)

They had a beautiful aquarium right when you walked into the restaurant so we snapped a few pictures of it before leaving. I don't think we could have chosen a more perfect place to celebrate in PCB. =)

Sunday morning we slept in a little before checking out and hitting the road. We stopped for lunch and a little shopping (master bedroom makeover is almost upon us!!) before going to pick up our babies. We LOVED our weekend get-away but were ready and anxious to see our boys! This was our first time ever being away from them for 3 nights in a row so mama and daddy missed them lots. And while it was a little tough on my mama heart telling them bye on Thursday evening I do feel like it's finally getting easier to leave them each year for our anniversary weekend. Maybe it's them getting older, maybe it's me finally adjusting, maybe it's because I know how much they look forward to this weekend with their grandparents... whatever the reason I sure am thankful. It's makes my weekend with my husband so much more fun, enjoyable, and relaxing when I'm totally at peace about the boys. I know Terrell appreciates it even more than I do! =)

So thankful for Granna and Papa taking great care of our babies and for all the fun they planned for them! They loved their special summer weekend!!

 I asked my family for a quick we're reunited! picture the second we got home and they all moaned and groaned... except for this baby love. At least I still have one on mama's side. =)

Later on Sunday night everyone complied and I got my reunited picture. Yay. They'll thank me one day because MEMORIES. =)

Terrell and I enjoyed our weekend sooo much. It was wonderful to reconnect as a couple and to have unlimited time together without interruption and to just enjoy being together. Every couple deserves a little get-away each year. I highly, highly, highly recommend it. 

After this trip we decided it's super tempting to just return to the beach every single year. Haha. But then we'd never see anywhere new or do anything different... so there's that. Guess we'll see. I just know I'm looking forward to many more anniversaries with Terrell Selph and lots and lots more get-aways!! Our 11th anniversary celebration will always be one of my faves!!   

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