Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016

Memorial Day Weekend 2016 was tons of fun! Even though we were so worn out last Friday that we questioned our sanity and whether we could truly handle a trip in our exhausted state, we did it and we had a great time!! We're back to our exhausted state this morning, but I think we all agree that it was definitely worth it. =) 

Ready for our get-away to Seacrest Beach with the Selph side of the fam!

We stopped for lunch at Chick Fil A and I think this is a new tradition for us. The boys get to play and enjoy a nice break from the car and actually move around and use some energy, and we all get a delicious lunch. A win win for everybody. 

These 2 were pretty big helpers unloading the car once we got there. They were so excited about our trip and extra time with their cousins! 

Saturday night after eating supper (we ordered in pizza), we had to make our traditional first night at the beach trip to the beach. Of course the big boys got soaked so we may have to make it a first night at the beach swim in the ocean tradition. Hahaha. 

Layton Selph was very apprehensive and not a big fan of the sand at first. 

Bright and early Sunday morning and ready for the beach!!

After a loooong and treacherous journey to the beach that included a lengthy walk to our beach access, herding 3 boys, walking past rows and rows of rental chairs and umbrellas which we would not be paying for because RIP OFF, loaded down with beach toys and gear that totaled half our body weight, we finally made it. After the work out of our lives. But we made it. And once we arrived the work out didn't matter and our heart rates returned to normal and we had the BEST time.  

First seashell find of the day! This is Garrison Cade's mission and favorite thing ever at the beach!

Our middle man just loves hanging out about ankle to knee deep and jumping waves and throwing the ball or frisbee with someone.

Layton loved the ocean but wasn't a fan of the sand at first. The entire first day he cried to be held whenever he was in the sand. Bless it. Thankfully he came around. 

Buckets of ocean water were his favorites!

The water was really cold but soo pretty. Oh how I love the gulf!

After going inside for lunch (the walk back being terrible, big sigh) we spent the rest of the afternoon at the pool. Again, cold water but so fun!

And if this is any indication of first day success... I think our boys were officially worn out from all of our beach fun. =)

Ready to walk to dinner and celebrate Kara's birthday. 

The whole crew! We had a GREAT 1st day. =)

Ready for our 2nd day at the beach!

Making the trek but with a much lighter load. #wewisedup

Baby boy loved day 2 even more!

Favorite find of the day! A crab shell!

Monday was cloudy and the pool was super cold so Austin and I couldn't hang. We wrapped up and watched everybody else after shivering and freezing for as long as we could handle. 

On Monday afternoon we also discovered a little lawn area behind the pool where the kiddos got to play for a stretch before we came in. This was big hit. And the perfect way to dry off and warm up after playing in the pool. 

Happy Memorial Day from the Selph 5!

Monday night after staying in and eating spaghetti, everyone except me and Layton (little man was worn out and ready for bed) went to see The Drifters in concert nearby. 

I think the big boys really enjoyed it even though they were pooped! It was a fun way for them to wrap up our trip. And I know Nana loved every second. Terrell got multiple videos of her singing and dancing to the music. =)

Yesterday morning we got on the road early after tearful goodbyes leaving the beach and family. But we were so thankful for the fun time we enjoyed and the wonderful memories made!! Finding seashells, playing in the ocean, swimming in the pool, playing in the sand, and lots of time spent with family were our favorites. So thankful for the freedoms we enjoy as Americans and those who sacrificed all for us!

The ride home went pretty good. We had our moments of being miserable and we had our moments of bliss. Like this one that lasted about 30 minutes. =) CFA was a big hit again for lunch and we made it home in plenty of time to unpack and settle in for the evening with early bedtimes. 

I'm finishing up my last few days of "work" with Baby A and my boys are enjoying the start to summer! I'm not sure if I'll blog again this week or not. This is our busiest start to summer ever and mama needs a breather, so we'll see. =) Happy Wednesday!!

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