Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Favorites: Short & Sweet Edition

So I decided I just had to document the happenings of our first few days of summer. =)

*I loved experiencing the beach and pool with these 3 over Memorial Day weekend. I can't wait to go back for our annual vacay at the end of this month!!

*Even though I'm still working (but today is my last day!!) summer is just about in full swing for us. We've only left the house once since getting home from our get-away, but my little men are loving sleeping later, laid back mornings, endless play time, and our first few summer days. Next week summer officially, officially starts for us. It's going to be busy but also exciting. I'm going to be tutoring and my big boys are going to go to their first ever mini summer camps. =)

*Something new I'm doing this summer is a reading time at the start of rest time for the big boys. After I get Layton down for his afternoon nap, the first thing we do is our reading time. Garrison picks a book to read aloud and I choose a simple book for Austin to read aloud (with help) and if they want they can choose a book for me to read to them. It's great practice for Garrison who mostly reads silently before bed, and it's a good introduction for Austin to sight words like "the" and the color words. So far we're loving this time!

*We went for a morning walk yesterday and the big boys rode while I pushed over 60 pounds of toddlers. Ha! It was a pretty fun workout. =)

*Yesterday afternoon was SO hot we declared it a water afternoon/evening/night. The boys played in water right until supper was ready. We are longing for a pool big time!! Maybe next summer or the next!


*This picture cracks me up. Can you say redneck? Hahaha. They had so much fun. And Terrell grilled us pork chops and it just felt like a really great summer night. 

*Summer Family Game Night was so fun! Things are just so much more laid back without a schedule and a firm bedtime and early wake-up times and the whole school routine. Yay for summertime! 

*And after our game night last night they asked if they could start off the night in the same bed (another summer perk) so Terrell had the idea of sending them up to bed solo. Might not be a big deal to most families but this was a first for us. We always, always, always walk them up to bed and turn on their night light and fan and tuck them in and say goodnight in their room with them. So they were a little hesitant and nervous (and we definitely won't be doing this every night) and they went up the stairs holding hands. Be still my heart. 

Today is my last day of work and my last day keeping A. I'm SO thankful I've had the opportunity to be home full time and keep him for the past 2 years. Being home has been the biggest blessing ever. But I'm also really excited about our new adventures to come! We aren't exactly sure what those adventures are just yet but we know God's plan is perfect so we're trusting in Him. In the meantime I'm so looking forward to tutoring a sweet student and summer days with my boys. 

This weekend is a full one! Tomorrow is FULL of parties and Terrell and I are celebrating 11 years of marriage!! We aren't going on our anniversary trip until next weekend but we do have some small celebrations planned for this weekend that we're looking forward to. Sunday is promotion Sunday at church and Sunday afternoon should be a combo of fun and relaxing. Happy Friday!!

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