Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday Favorites: Busy Summer Days Edition

This week has been a busy one! Phew. And unfortunately it's also been a sick one. All 3 boys have some sort of colds and mama is just running on fumes. I almost didn't even post my favorites from this week but decided to document the busyness anyway. I'll look back and appreciate it and remember it with a smile one day. =)

Thankfully this weekend is pretty low key and next week should be slower and closer to the summer pace we prefer. Yay. Here's a look at our faves from our busy summer days...

*Austin completed his final 4 days of swim lessons this week! Sooo glad we're finally done! Haha. He did great and really made progress with his comfort level in the water... but now we need to practice, practice, practice. Hopefully he'll be swimming on his own soon! 

*Immediately following swim lessons on Monday we went Father's Day shopping. As in me and 3 little men. Gracious. While the shopping part wasn't my favorite because STRESSFUL, driving home in a quiet car was. I snapped this picture as soon as I got in the driveway and just as Garrison, the one who rarely falls asleep in the car, was waking up. 

*My superhero Layton first thing Tuesday morning!

*A little "technology time" during rest time this week. In addition to reading time, technology time is also quite popular during rest time as it's the only time the iPad or Kindle is allowed (other than checking scores first thing in the morning). This little idea has probably saved my sanity so far this summer. No begging for or fighting over any technology throughout the day because we have a designated time for it and that's it. It's been perfect for us so far. 

*The Braves game with these 4 guys was the best. Stressful at times thanks to our youngest member but soo fun. 

*My patriotic table in the foyer is my favorite. =) 

*I love adding decorative touches for holidays and seasons around the house but honestly summer has always sort of been neglected. Until this summer! I came across the "Happy Fourth" sign in Target's dollar section for $5 and we had the flag and small mason jar. Cheapest decoration ever! I think it's something I'll put out for Memorial Day and leave out the whole summer. And maybe one day my summer/patriotic decor will grow. =)

*The lifeguard gave the boys a basketball to play with while Austin had swim lessons this week. #BFF The time passed so much quicker with little man totally occupied.  

*My mom sent me this picture on yesterday morning of my loves. She has been picking them up a couple of mornings each week and taking them to her house (before taking them to Austin's swim lessons where I meet up with everybody) so I can tutor first thing without interruption or distraction. I am still just beyond thankful to be back here in the hometown and that she is retired now and so willing to help us out!!

*Even though all 3 boys are under the weather and not feeling so great, yesterday afternoon they played sooo well together it just made my heart smile as I gave thanks for my boys and their precious relationships with each other. 

*The big boys slightly rearranged furniture and then took turns making a "bridge" so they could all ride under. They did this for the longest stretch and hearing their laughter and sweet little pleasant voices talking to each other was the BEST. (Especially since summer brings plenty of not so pleasant voices and all the fighting on certain days. Ha!) It was just the sweetest. 

This week has felt so busy for us between tutoring, swimming, shopping, errands, Father's Day prep, and Baby A coming for a couple of days. Plus, due to sick boys we haven't slept through the night much either. So we're tired and all out of sorts. 

But honestly this week for me has also just been sad. Our community lost a special leader to cancer recently and the tragedies that have occurred in Florida are just heartbreaking and awful. My heart aches for the families of those who are suffering such pain. Continue to lift them up in prayer and love on your families even more than normal. Especially enjoy your Father's Day Weekend. We plan to soak up lots of family time and to hopefully get everybody well! Have a great Friday and Happy Father's Day!

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