Thursday, June 16, 2016

Trip to The Ted

The Selph fam enjoyed a favorite summer tradition Tuesday night! We took all 3 boys to the Braves game!!! 

This was Layton's very first Braves game and probably our last game ever at Turner Field (affectionately known as The Ted) given we most likely won't be able to go back this season, so it was a pretty special night. We did however determine it's super tough taking big boys who love watching every pitch of the game and a 2 year old who gets bored during the 1st inning. Ha! So we had our work cut out for us. But all in all, I think things went great. For the most part at least. 

We made our traditional stop at CFA for supper and then arrived at Turner Field early... in the rain... but thankfully it cleared out quickly and the game started right on time under mostly clear skies! We didn't have anymore rain the rest of the night. YAY.

Layton Thomas was pretty impressed with everything he saw and did a great job walking in with us and listening and staying with the group.

On the way to our seats we came across this huge ball (which Layton noticed first, of course) and when we saw it was a ball honoring our favorite player, we had to stop for a picture! We love you Chipper!! =)

Layton's first look at the field!
 We had amazing seats. Our best ever. We were on the second row down the 3rd base line in left field. We were so close to the field we could've touched it if we wanted. =) So cool!! It's no secret the Braves are terrible this year and attendance is waaaaay down... so if you'd like to go to a game for cheap, GO NOW. You can take in your own snacks and drinks and seriously go for really, really cheap. 

Anyway... back to our evening... Before the game started the Braves girls went around shooting t-shirts into the stands and one of the girls tossed one to Garrison! He was pretty excited. A ball would've been awesome, but we settled for a t-shirt and great seats and called it a fun, fun night. 

The Reds' bullpen pitchers walking to the bullpen after the National Anthem. Hello real, live MLB players! Hahaha. I was a tad star struck. 

Austin and I waved at Jeff Francoeur and he smiled at us!! That's how close we were! I was really impressed with how friendly he was to the crowd around him... and with how he played left field! We just had really fun seats that made the game totally alive for us. 

Layton doing his very first tomahawk chop!!

4 out of 5 family members enjoyed our seats so much that it was hard to leave them and do other things we normally do around Turner Field. Between snacks, drinks, a bathroom break, and LOTS of patience we were able to stay in our seats until after singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game in the middle of the 7th inning. This is a record for us with a 2 year old in tow. A miracle even. I'm still totally shocked we made it that long. It probably wasn't fair to Layton but the big boys were really into the game and Garrison was hoping for a ball and it was just really hard to leave those seats. Ha.

We finally left and climbed several flights of stairs so the boys could do the free "base run" and sit in the Coke chairs before we called it a night. Austin was soo sleepy (and starting to sneeze his head off, boo!!) and the other 2 were getting tired so it was a huge surprise we made it as late as we did.  

On the way out of the stadium a cotton candy vendor offered us 3 bags for free! The boys were thrilled and their night was made... even if the Braves did lose 3-1. Thank you so much sweet, generous cotton candy guy. 

We let the boys change into pjs as soon as we got back to the car and they finished the movie Angels in the Outfield on the way home. =) Layton finally fell asleep and went straight to bed as soon as we got home and the big boys were right behind him. I think it was a record late night for us. And we paid for it yesterday. 

But our trip to The Ted was definitely worth it. Layton had his moments of being high maintenance and not so fun, but I think he did great for a 2 year old at his first Braves game! We LOVE this summer tradition with our boys and hope we can continue next year at the new stadium. The trek will be longer and the tickets more expensive but hopefully we can make it happen. We love our Braves and we especially love watching them play in person!! So long, Turner Field. Thanks for the memories. 

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