Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Father's Day Weekend

So Father's Day weekend turned out to be a little of a blur for me because I came down with whatever the boys had (I took all 3 of them to the doctor Friday morning and they all had upper respiratory infections).... waaaaahhh! So as the weekend went on, I seemed to start feeling worse and worse. Thankfully I woke up feeling a little better yesterday morning and lots better this morning so I'm hoping I'm almost well! The good news is, I think we still managed to make the weekend a special one for Terrell!

Friday was the day we were *supposed* to celebrate with Terrell since the rest of the weekend was going to be somewhat busy, but Friday didn't go as planned. Terrell got home from an out of town meeting a little early so we got everybody ready and loaded up.... to go pick out paint for our bedroom. And that's where things went downhill. Haha. We picked out our paint and supplies as quickly as possible but the boys were just crazy. They weren't feeling great, they were ill, then they were silly, then they were crazy, etc. We survived our dinner at a Mexican restaurant and then came home and got everyone in bed. Even Terrell and I went to bed early. Like 9:00 early!!! We were just sooo tired and coming down with cold symptoms and just ready for SLEEP.

The whole house slept all night (yay for the first good night's sleep in days!!) and then we let Terrell sleep in while we made him cinnamon rolls and got his gifts ready. =)

I got Terrell some shirts and a pair of shorts and the boys gave him this sweet picture....

As soon as I saw the idea I knew I really wanted to do it. Our boys ADORE their daddy and they really do want to be just like him. (Thanks so much Megan for creating such a special gift!!)

The pictures were a lot of work to pull off but definitely worth it. These 3 have an amazing example in their dad and I hope they always know just how special and wonderful he really is. I honestly can't even put into words just how thankful I am for him. He possesses every single quality I prayed for in a husband back years and years ago and Team Selph is truly an equal partnership in every way possible. He deserves way more than we can give him on Father's Day each year!!

Shortly after breakfast and gifts, Terrell got to work trimming all of our shrubs and his 3 little men were his helpers. =)

So thankful for my hard working man who takes such great care of us and our home!

Even though he had to work on his special weekend, it was the perfect day for being outside. The morning was so cool and pleasant and the boys helped and played and then helped and played some more. The temperatures were perfect! And everything looked beautiful when they finished!

I spent all morning inside cleaning the house because we hosted Terrell's parents and his Granny on Saturday night for Father's Day. Terrell grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and I made some simple sides and we had a great time together. The boys loved having grandparents over and giving Pops his gifts. 

Sunday morning I woke up feeling worse but we still managed to make it to church and enjoyed celebrating with daddy again. 

#these4 #allthehearteyes #lovemyboys

My mom cooked a huge and delicious meal for everyone on Sunday for lunch and we enjoyed celebrating with Papa, Terrell, Frankie, and Paw Paw. So thankful for all the special dads, uncles, and granddads my boys have to look up to!! (Please say a special prayer for my Granny... she fell Sunday morning and broke her collar bone and doesn't understand/remember what she's supposed to do for healing. So pray for my Paw Paw too!)

Sunday afternoon I was feeling my worst so I went straight to bed after leaving my parents' house, then I was up for a little while to help with bath time and bedtime, and then I went straight back to bed. So Terrell's Father's Day wasn't perfect but I hope it was still pretty special. =) And, Father's Day marked our 1st anniversary in our forever home! We LOVE being here and are so thankful for God's plan and provisions that made it possible!

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