Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Field Trip

On Tuesday morning the girls in the fam, plus 3 little men and a little lady, headed out for a summer field trip! We had planned on going to Dauset Trails together on last Friday but the boys and I just weren't up for it so we had to reschedule. Then, when my student had to reschedule our tutoring session and Tuesday morning became free we decided on a last minute trip. And it turned out pretty perfect! Every summer since moving back to B'ville I've taken the boys and I'm pretty sure it will remain a tradition for years to come. And this year's trip was super special because Granna, AnAn, and Piper came!!

Baby Girl was super excited about a field trip with her cousins in our big, busy bus! Hahaha. =)

This nearby nature center is just so nice and absolutely free. We are HUGE fans. And mama's favorite animal every year is this sweet river otter. He responds to humans and is definitely the cutest animal there. =)

We also loved all of the owls. 

My guys! (With the red tailed hawk in the background somewhere)

The eagle was fascinating once again this year. And I read back over what we learned last year, and this is a male. The females are twice as big. 

The cougar is always a big hit and even though she was asleep, we had the best view! She actually opened her eyes and peered at us a couple of times. =)

I think the Reptile Room may have been everybody's favorite. I know the boys LOVED it. And for the first time ever we got to see a snake super active and on the move. It was both super cool and sooo creepy. Ha. Of course we had to get a picture with it. It's right above Austin's head. 

 He even slithered up the glass. Ewww. 

Piper and Austin decided to pose with the very still (can you see the head looking over the hole in the rock?) Black Rat Snake. 

Traditional Reptile Room Alligator Pic!

Then the grands posed with Granna...

We did our best. =)

The alligators and turtles were so interesting. They just crawled all over each other and sometimes just decided to stay awhile. 

The Reptile Room is definitely popular with my crew.  

Before leaving we also fed the turtles and fish in the large pond there and visited the farm animals which was a first for us. We saw cows, goats, pigs, chickens, and even tractors. Layton was thrilled. =) Then, our last stop before leaving, was a visit to feed the river otter. He's still my fave. 

We had a great time again this year and are so thankful for such a cool place to visit nearby and the work they do to rescue and save these animals!

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