Friday, May 27, 2016

Friday Favorites: Last Week of School Edition!

This week has been a whirlwind! The 1st half of May didn't seem quite as crazy as last May, but this 2nd half? Let's just say my sanity is hanging by a thread. It has been a doozy. Mostly fun filled but also so busy my head is spinning... and so overwhelming because my to do list is a mile long... and so exhausting because there aren't enough hours in the day... and so emotional because my baby just finished 1st grade! And we're leaving behind the best teacher ever!! And we're getting closer to high school graduation!! And it's just all going sooo fast!! Waaaahhhh!!! Mama's emotions are all over the place. Clearly. But we are sooo thankful for the wonderful school year our biggest enjoyed and are so excited for our summer break. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened is on repeat around here. =)

But now for our faves from our last week of school...

*Garrison got in the car on Monday afternoon with a huge sheet of paper that was all rolled up and he unveiled it for us as soon as we got home. It was a huge drawing of us at the beach complete with ocean animals and seashells!  

*I absolutely loved the entire beach scene but I must say I'm especially partial to our fam on the beach in our matching Georgia swim suits. =)

*Austin and I squeezed in a little linking cube math and number writing practice this week. 

*Game Night! This one has been popular all week. =)

*Outside time has been a favorite this week too. Thank goodness for no homework, mostly free nights, and a preview of summer!!

*Austin and I were able to go to Garrison's 1st grade picnic/cookout on Wednesday and I'm so glad we could go!! BIG thanks to my parents who kept both Layton and A so Austin and I could celebrate with our almost 2nd grader! It was so much fun for the kids and I can't say enough about the 1st grade team of teachers who organized it. It was the perfect way for all of the classes to celebrate the end of the year together and I'm pretty sure every single student LOVED it. We had a great time with our biggest boy and friends!

*Garrison Cade picking up his summer bucket and awards packet after the picnic. 

*So thankful for the fun celebration I enjoyed with my big boys! 

*Last day of 1st grade on yesterday! *Tears*

*Garrison on the 1st day of school. They grow so fast!!

*I don't think I can dwell on this picture for very long or the tears will flow again. Garrison LOVED his teacher and had a wonderful 1st grade year. We continue to thank the Lord for her and her passion, dedication, and heart for teaching. Leaving her in 1st grade is sooo hard to do!!

*My work-out buddies! Hahaha. They wanted to do exercises with me and this is their versions of a plank. And Layton is wearing my flip flops because that's his obsession right now. They attempted everything I did, complete with whispered counting. Hahahaha!

*Mama isn't the only one exhausted by this week. #Blessit #Pleaseletusgotobedearlytonight

*Welcoming summer this morning is so bittersweet! It's been an emotional week but our hearts are full and oh so grateful. 

We are planning to enjoy our 1st day of summer with lots of beach prep! For the first time ever we're heading to the beach for the long weekend! We're going to really miss our usual Memorial Day weekend of relaxing and decompressing from the craziness of the end of the year with lazy days at home, but we know fun memories will be made on this extra trip to the beach! 

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful long weekend as we remember the sacrifices of so many for our freedom!!

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