Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Happening Now

*Baseball wrap-up. Woohoo!!! This season has been the BEST and so much fun for the whole family... but we are WORN OUT and so thankful to be winding down our busiest, most crazy, most committed Spring ever. Ha! The big boys have loved every second of playing baseball and I have enjoyed watching them so, so much. And having Terrell coach both of their teams, (which has been a HUGE commitment), has been the most wonderful bonus and blessing to this season. I'm so grateful for the fun we've all experienced as a family this baseball season. It was exhausting and pure craziness at times but it was all worth it. And this is why I know we'll keep coming back to our favorite Spring sport. =)

*Last weeks of school. This week is Austin's last week of school and next week is Garrison's. So there are lots of fun happenings going on plus lots of excitement over summer break and NO SCHOOL. We can't wait!! Austin just had his end of year party on Monday and then coming up Saturday morning is his end of year program. And next week is all about Garrison's school year wrap up. Saying goodbye to his 1st grade teacher is going to be so hard! She has been such a blessing to all of us this school year and I may cry over having to leave her. But we are celebrating a wonderful year and planning to enjoy all of these fun end of school celebrations lots!

*I'm back to working out. Nothing like summer and swim suit season to get you motivated to get fit! Haha. Right before getting pregnant with Layton I was on a pretty consistent roll with working out at home. I did Fitness at Home  and averaged at least twice a week almost every single week for a few months. I timed myself to keep me motivated to be faster and I even added to the routine to make it tougher. And then came the discovery of Baby #3 and the end of working out... and now about 3 YEARS (big sigh) later I'm finally getting back to it. I honestly just want to be healthier and more fit. And to have more energy. (Okay, and to feel more confident in a bathing suit, haha) I don't need to lose weight but I do need my resting heart rate to be better and I could definitely use some toning up. So I started with a plank a day last week (mainly because of the benefits to your core and back...and to help Terrell out who has had back problems for years) and now this week we've added in a work out in addition to our 1 minute plank. Wowza. The plank is no joke. Ha. So hopefully it will continue and our eating habits and portion control will stay on the straight and narrow. Progress begins and ends at the table and an active lifestyle is key. It's all about the lifestyle. Good, healthy habits that make up your day to day life. So far, so good!

*I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. Gasp!!! On Sunday night the app wouldn't work and after trying a few tricks that weren't effective my only choice was to delete it. And the opportunity for a break was born. =) Even though I've really missed it when I'm waiting somewhere and super bored, I think the break has been nice. I can't pull it out to scroll through when my kids are around or wanting my attention, I can't spend all of my time on it when I'm riding in the passenger seat (something that has sort of annoyed Terrell for a while since I'm ignoring him, haha), and I can't spend time on it in the evenings after the kids are in the bed when it's our time to hang out, watch a show, finally carry on a conversation, or just enjoy our alone time. So the break has been good. Not necessarily easy... because I really do miss keeping up with what friends are doing or staying up to date on important things going on with family and friends, BUT, before deleting the app I wasn't on it every single day. I honestly checked it mostly over the weekends while in the car (with Terrell driving), or times when I was bored. Now I just read instead. And when I really need/want to, I just look it over on my laptop. The old fashioned way. Hahaha. It's been a good thing so far so maybe I'll decide to continue this way. =)

*Anniversary Plans. We finally made plans for our anniversary trip! We've decided to go the weekend after our anniversary because the timing works out so much better and we've decided to go to the beach! Terrell and I haven't been to the beach alone since 2008... and that was just our beach day on our cruise that year. So we don't even really count that time. Anyway, it's been a good 8 years since we've gone to the beach just us. So this trip is sort of a big deal. =) We're using our Marriott points we earned after last year's trip and heading down to PCB. We aren't staying on the beach or even all that close to the beach... however, the plan is to spend the majority of our time on the beach. We are beach lovers through and through and want to enjoy the opportunity to rest, relax, and enjoy the sand, sun, and ocean without keeping up with kiddos, changing diapers, breaking up fights, playing with kiddos, chasing kiddos, feeding kiddos, etc. Haha. We're pretty excited about our trip to celebrate 11 years!!

Those are all of the biggies I can think of that are happening now. Happy Hump Day!!

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