Friday, May 20, 2016

Friday Favorites: Almost There!!

This finish line is in sight and we. are. almost. there!! YAY!!!! We are on the home stretch now and things are busy and exhausting and full, but we've almost made it! One week to go for Garrison and Austin wraps up his school year today. While things won't slow down for us until a little ways into summer, and that sort of makes me want to panic because I am so worn out at the moment, we are super excited to officially welcome the break and Summer 2016. =)

Here are my faves from our week of counting down...

*Terrell has never had a vehicle that will fit all 3 car seats... until now!! Yay for everybody being able to ride with daddy! Layton is soooo excited about this since he was always the one left out before. It's close quarters for all of us but soo nice to have 2 cars for the whole family to ride in. 

*Sunday afternoon mud pie making... just like I remember doing back in the day. =)

*A little one on one time with my littlest and an introduction to our infamous alphabet puzzle! Garrison got this puzzle from my in-laws for his 2nd birthday and it has been sooo instrumental in teaching 2 out of 3 boys their letters. So now we're ready for round 3!

*Austin's end of year party was on Monday and he had a ball!

*Layton got to go too and when daddy made a surprise appearance he finally got to slide! He wasn't that impressed... ha, but he was proud he got to slide.

*It was a fun party and we're so thankful for Austin's great school year!

*Monday afternoon we had no homework and no practice so we spent the entire afternoon outside. It was the best time for these 3. 

*Granna even came over with Piper and the youngest grands got in an afternoon stroll together. =)

*Family Game Night! And this time we let Layton "participate"!! He mainly just ran around and laughed and tried doing whatever the big boys did. 


*The boys taking a break to watch daddy work in the yard. It was a sweet 30 seconds. =)

*I went to change the sheets on the bunk beds yesterday and this is what I found near Garrison's bed.... Rescue bots hanging from the curtain rod, a jump rope at the "entrance", and kleenex on his bed posts. Hahaha. Love him and his creative decorations and ideas. 

*Slowly but surely we're finishing Austin's alphabet book!!

*Our baby boy officially LOVES raw carrots dipped in ranch!!! He even asks for more!! #there'shopeforhimyet

*So after bath time last night we held impromptu Selph family arm wrestling contests. It was the most fun ever!! Every single member arm wrestled with every single other member. We laughed so hard and had such a good time together. Even Layton loved it! Arm wrestling those little hands and having Austin whisper Don't do it as hard as you can and watching them help each other beat daddy and hearing the laughter from all 3 boys was just the best. I totally had a moment of wanting time to freeze. Such sweet memories. 

*Favorite Not-Pictured Moment: Tuesday!! On Tuesday morning my mother-in-law came over to keep Austin and Layton (thanks Nana!!) and I went on my Mother's Day shopping trip all by myself! Even though it was rainy and messy I enjoyed myself sooo much. I took advantage of some deals and found a few new Spring/Summer items and took my time and shopped in peace! It was wonderful. And when our game got cancelled Tuesday night, Terrell told me to pick a place to go out to eat because the day was all about me. Oh how I love him. My Mother's Day gift was the best!! 

This weekend is a full one! We have a big choir rehearsal tonight, 2 different end of year programs to attend, a birthday party, and a pretty busy Sunday. It's an exhausting but exciting time of year. But we're almost to summer!! Happy Friday!! 

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