Wednesday, May 25, 2016

That's a Wrap

We just wrapped up our 4th season of baseball. Our 4th Spring spent at ball fields which quickly become our home away from home, and this year, our 1st season of daddy coaching both big boys and the HUGE commitment that comes with coaching 2 teams and keeping up with 2 boys who are playing and practicing and having games all at once.

The Spring is busy. The season is crazy. Our nights have been full and almost always late. 

It can be stressful and hard and almost impossible trying to figure out how to feed everybody and get to practices and games on time while still maintaining some sense of normal family life and a predictable routine and bedtime. 

Oh bedtime, how you suffered.  

But the fun we had and the joy we experienced thanks to this season and the late nights, it was priceless.

My big boys absolutely loved playing and had the best time win, lose, or tie. They enjoyed it all.

We had some tough games but we also had some really, really GREAT games. Austin's team won 2 super close games this season and Garrison's team won their very last game of the season by defeating the only unbeaten team in our league!! 

They were exciting games to watch and just so much fun. Come game time, all the craziness of the season was worth it. 

Baseball is a team sport but there is a lot of individual play to the game as well. The pressure is on!

 My mama nerves got me almost every time my boys came up to bat or the ball was hit to them. I'm talking stomach in knots and heart beating faster and maybe even some holding of my breath. Especially during the close games!

But they did great! They had so much fun playing that either they weren't all that nervous or it didn't get to them so much. Garrison was one of only 2 players on his team who didn't strike out the entire season! 

And Austin was the youngest on his team but one of the very best players! 

The commitment was big.

And the nights were late.

But man was it a fun season and the best time.

Watching my boys play and my husband coach was something special. So exciting. So full of playing hard. So full of coaching with encouragement, enthusiasm, and motivation.   

This season wore us out and stretched us more than any other sports season of the past. I love this blog post by Joanna Gaines. It really is a discipline to recognize and reflect on the blessings disguised as really hard work. 

Oh the impact and fun and joy contained in this season and the prayers of these coaches. That's a wrap. But the memories from this season will last for years and years. 

And this little man? Well he cheered on his big brothers and ate his weight in popcorn and kept his mama and grandparents on their toes all season long. He had almost as much fun as his baseball playing brothers. And soon enough I'll be watching him play and my heart just may burst from the fun, excitement, and joy of it all.

We know lots of families whose children only play one sport year round or the same sport every Spring and Fall, but I think this season really confirmed for us that we're definitely a 2 sport playing family. We love baseball in the Spring and soccer in the Fall. At least for now. Our boys are just too young and having too much fun with both sports to choose one over the other. We may be in the minority but we're okay with that. It's been bittersweet wrapping up baseball and saying goodbye for a whole year but we're welcoming the break (didn't even put our boys' names on the All Star ballots!) and looking forward to returning to soccer in the Fall.

Soo thankful for the memories and the fun of the season. Baseball life. There's nothing like it.  

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