Thursday, May 5, 2016

Some of my Favorite Things About Being Their Mom

Mother's Day week is pretty special and sentimental for me. I'm just so grateful to be a mom and love celebrating motherhood. Plus it always feels good to be reminded of how loved and appreciated you are. =) 

Every year since Garrison turned 1 and since starting this little family scrapbook I've made a list of some of my favorite things about being mom to my boys. It's just for me and them and captures a little of our relationship right now as well as a glimpse of their unique personalities and interests. So here are some of my favorites about being their mom.


*I LOVE receiving your precious cards, notes, and gifts. You have the sweetest way with words and are the best card maker and gift giver! You bless so many with your sweet cards, kind words, special artwork, and unique gifts. Thank you for sharing so many with me. 

*You are the best biggest brother and Austin and Layton are so blessed to have you. You love spending time with them and they truly are your very best friends. You are considerate of them and help take care of them and love them in the biggest way. Even though y'all are capable of fighting like crazy, at the end of the day, you are each others FAVORITES. 

*The way you love to learn is another one of my favorite things about being your mom. You are a sponge and soak up everything new so quickly. You love math and science best but you are so receptive to all things new and I pray you keep this love of learning forever!

*Your love of sports is pretty special. You love to play sports and you love to watch and keep up with sports. I LOVE watching you play and I love watching you as a fan. 

*You have a really big and sweet heart and it's one of your very best traits! You care about others and show compassion and concern so easily. I know God is going to use your heart to bless many!

*Watching you grow, learn, and mature is such a gift and one of my most favorite things! You are growing physically but you are also growing in wisdom, maturity, and in your Christian walk. You've had to learn some tough lessons lately but you've also grown from them and are learning that as a family we love each other no matter what and that we are a team. The most important team ever. 

*Getting surprise hugs from you and sweet compliments melts me every single time! You are always the first to check on me if you think something's wrong or I don't feel good and you always surprise me with random hugs and "I love yous". Thank you for the sweet way you love me!

*Watching your relationship with your daddy is the best. You love him and look up to him and love spending time with him like nobody else. Watching the two of you love each other is a gift!

Garrison Cade I am SO thankful to be your mama and love you more than words can say!!


*I LOVE the way you make me laugh and keep things fun around here! I once heard another mom refer to one of her children as the child that brings the party to the family and that is totally YOU!! You are a fun loving and laid back little man who is happy and full of joy. Thank you for sharing your contagious, hilarious ways with our family!!

*You are the best big brother and the best little brother! You are my favorite middle child ever and being in the middle suits you perfectly. You love Garrison and look up to him and want to do everything with him. Y'all are best buds and share a super strong bond. And you play with Layton and include him in everything and love being a big brother to him. You are the best in both roles and your brothers are so blessed to have you!

*One of my very favorite things to do is watch you play sports. You are passionate, attentive, and give every game and play your all! Watching you play soccer and baseball is a JOY and I'm so proud of how hard you work, how well you listen to your coaches, and how much you love the game you're playing!!

*You are still a sweet cuddle bug and I love being on the receiving end of your hugs, kisses, and cuddles! You still love to sit in laps and be held and you especially love being close to mama. You love me in the sweetest way and I am so thankful!  

*Watching other people love and adore you is my favorite! You are so popular with everyone... family members, friends at church, friends at school, teachers, other parents and family members from baseball and soccer, and even the people in daddy's office (since you get to hang out with them for a little while 3 days a week before daddy takes you to school). Your sweet disposition and fun personality make you so lovable and irresistible!!

*You love quality time with your family and one of your favorite things to do is play games. I love playing games just me and you and our game time with Garrison or as a family. It's one of my favorite things!

*I love teaching you new things and the receptive enthusiasm you have about learning! You are a sweet student and I'm so thankful you love learning!

*Watching and listening to your imagination at work is one of my favorite things! You are really imaginative in the stories you tell and you are also becoming more and more imaginative during independent play. I'm so proud of how well you are able to pretend and have fun when you're playing independently by yourself or with Layton while Garrison (your best playmate) is at school. You are fun to watch and listen to!

Austin Selph I am SO thankful to be your mama and love you more than words can say!!


*I LOVE the way you are still my baby. Even though you love your big brothers and try to keep up with them most of the time and you love spending time with daddy and the big boys, you are still a mama's boy through and through. You are just my little buddy and enjoy being with me so much. You still prefer me over anybody else and I'm going to savor it the best I can!!

*You are the best baby brother to Garrison and Austin. You love them BIG and ask for them, play with them, try to be like them, give them hugs before bedtime every night, and want them close by almost always. They are so special to you and most of the time you get along great with them. They are so blessed to have a sweet little brother who loves them so much!

*Rocking you before naps and bedtime is still one of my favorite things. As long as you want to be rocked, we're going to rock! You love being read to first and then you always say rock minute to let me know you just want to be held and rocked some more before being put in your bed. It is the sweetest time.  

*You give the best hugs and I love receiving them! You throw your little 2 year old arms around my neck or my leg and squeeze tight multiple times a day. You even ask for hugs randomly sometimes. Those hugs are my favorite!!

*Watching you play with your big brothers and daddy is such a treat. You fit right in with them and try to do whatever they are doing. Seeing the 4 of you together is the biggest blessing!

*Listening to you talk and hearing you laugh is the best! Those little words are the sweetest sound and your laughter is music to my ears. You are learning more and more words and becoming more and more clear with what you say and I can't get enough of it!

*Holding you and feeling your head on my shoulder is one of my favorite things! Even though you're growing bigger and heavier fast, I love holding you in my lap or carrying you around. You are still a cuddle bug and I am thankful!

*The way you love lawnmower rides, flip flops, balls, sports, being outside, and all of your family members including grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins, is the cutest and sweetest thing!! I love watching you do what you love and seeing the affection you have for everyone in our family. 

Layton Thomas Selph I am SO thankful to be your mama and love you more than words can say!!

So grateful God made me their mama. Counting my blessings and enjoying my boys lots this week. Happy Thursday! =)

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